IBM to Power Self-Service Kiosks for Air Travellers

IBM will be developing and installing more than 1,100 self-service kiosks for United Airlines during the next two years. As part of the largest-ever deployment of kiosks by an airline, United plans to install an initial 800 "EasyCheck-in" self-service units throughout 25 U.S. airports before the end of the year, with the remainder to be installed in 2002.

The new EasyCheck-in units will allow United's U.S. domestic e-ticket customers to perform a wide variety of transactions without waiting in line at ticket counters or gates. Specifically, United Airlines, United Shuttle or United Express customers will be able to:

  • Have their boarding passes issued, enabling them to proceed directly to the aircraft.
  • Print an e-ticket receipt.
  • View a graphical seat map and change seat assignments.
  • Request an upgrade.
  • Keep Mileage Plus accounts current.
  • Check bags at designated kiosks.

The new EasyCheck-in units are part of a comprehensive package of timesaving initiatives United Airlines is deploying throughout North America.

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