SYWARE Announces Wireless Access Package

On Monday, SYWARE Inc. announced Visual CE with mEnable, a new package that combines the Visual CE database and forms building tool with mEnable, SYWARE's wireless software that allows mobile users to access and modify server data in realtime. Visual CE with mEnable allows developers and systems integrators to quickly create data-driven handheld applications with wireless, interactive access to "live" corporate data.

The mEnable architecture allows any Visual CE application to wirelessly read from or write to any ODBC-enabled data source, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Access, or Sybase. By providing Windows CE and Pocket PC users with full, interactive access to server databases, Visual CE with mEnable eliminates the need for synchronization that forced handheld users to rely on local data that had been previously downloaded and was no longer current.

If users wander out of wireless range or the server is unavailable, they can work offline using the local database on the handheld. When the server connection is reestablished, they can synchronize any changes made and resume processing live data.

Visual CE with mEnable uses the TCP/IP protocol to communicate over LAN, WAN or Internet connections. The software communicates between the Windows CE device or Pocket PC and the server through standard wireless network adapter cards that install into the handheld unit. Support for TCP/IP also allows Visual CE with mEnable to work with the new Bluetooth protocol for short-range wireless communication, enabling users to operate their handheld PC while a cell phone provides the long-range connection.

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