NetManage Releases Rumba 4.0

NetManage, a supplier of e-business access and application integration solutions, has released RUMBA Web-to-Host 4.0, a complete host-access product for extending business-critical data that resides on mainframe and midrange systems to corporate users.

The new RUMBA Web-to-Host 4.0 software provides direct client-side SSL security, Java native AS/400 file transfer and printing and Java UNIX emulation. RUMBA Web-to-Host 4.0 also includes a local start feature, which maintains a persistent connection to the host even if the Web server goes down, and real-time interactive support to reduce the time-to-resolution for technical support problems.

RUMBA Web-to-Host 4.0 is designed to give business partners, employees, and remote workers secure and reliable browser-based access to host systems. RUMBA Web-to-Host 4.0 thin client features significant Java control improvements, ensuring interoperability with virtually any Web server, host system and client.

The Java AS/400 FTX component presents a user interface similar in look and feel to the PC-to-host AS/400 FTX (AS/400 classic file transfer), eliminating the need to retrain users. The RUMBA Web-to-Host 4.0 enhanced Java capabilities also allow the connection of UNIX host systems with Java controls, and provides a display that is consistent with the Java mainframe display and AS/400 displays.

New features also include:

  • Java macro capabilities
  • Direct client-side SSL security
  • Built-in real-time interactive support
  • Java mainframe GDDM support
  • RUMBA Web-to-Host 4.0 software enables users to connect to data from any IBM mainframe, IBM AS/400, Hewlett-Packard, UNIX or DEC VAX host systems through a single Web-browser interface. Host information can be delivered to a broad range of network and desktop operating systems including Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows 98, UNIX, Linux, OS/2, OS/390, OS/400 and HP/UX. RUMBA Web-to-Host 4.0 is currently shipping with prices starting at $150 per seat.

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