IBM Simplifies Programming with AMIs

IBM’s MQSeries has released a high level API that simplifies programming for application messaging and publish/subscribe called the Application Messaging Interface (AMI). IBM specified and developed the API, which has now been adopted as a standard by the Open Application Group Inc. (OAGI).

The AMI, with bindings for standard programming languages including Java, C and C++, reduces the amount of new code required for new applications. It provides a high level of abstraction, moving message-handling logic from the application into the middleware, allowing programmers to register sets of standard characteristics as policies for message-handling. IBM will provide a suite of common policies, and an open policy-handler framework that encourages additional policies to be created by the enterprise or third-party software vendors.

The AMI also allows programmers to associate a service name with a message. The service is a high level of abstraction that represents an MQSeries queue, but can also be implemented to communicate with a database, a printer or e-mail, for example.

The AMI, and visual tools for building policies, are available now, as SupportPacs.

To download the MQSeries Application Messaging Interface free of charge, visit (new window). To download the MQSeries Application Messaging Interface Administration Tool, also free of charge, visit (new window).