Interactive Solutions Joins J.D. Edwards’ XSP Program

J.D. Edwards & Company has established an alliance with Interactive Systems Inc. (ISI) as its first eXtended Solutions Partner (XSP). The new XSP program provides customers with additional enterprise consulting services that extend beyond those of J.D. Edwards and its consulting and implementation partners. XSPs offer industry or functional expertise in the technologies and verticals of J.D. Edwards’ customers.

ISI, an information technology company that specializes in outsourcing and enterprise systems management, will help customers transitioning from IBM legacy systems to new collaborative and supply chain technologies provided by J.D. Edwards and its “best of breed” partners. ISI differentiates these extended enterprise services through its flexible support contract length, the level of services offered and strong customer satisfaction track record.

“As an XSP partner, ISI provides intermediate term outsourcing services for clients transitioning to new technologies, such as J.D. Edwards OneWorld,” says Don Weymer, president of ISI in a statement. “ISI also relieves the dual operations by hosting the client’s existing systems at the ISI data center, which reduces the client’s costs and reduces the manpower required to run the legacy systems until the migration to the new technology is completed.”

This alliance looks to enhance J.D. Edwards’ sales and services by leveraging ISI’s strengths and core competencies. Services provided by ISI include outsourcing, insourcing (co-sourcing) and IT infrastructure management. Outsourcing includes computer mainframe processing, dedicated and shared servers, help desk services, data center operations, LANs and WANs. Insourcing includes mainframe/server operations, help desk services, network management, network integration and enterprise resource planning. IT infrastructure management includes technology refresh, network management and help desk services. Platform experience includes IBM CMOS, IBMES9000xxx, IBM AS400, DEC Alpha/VAX, Data General, HP, Servers and PCs.

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