Akamai Brings Big Brother Web Power

Akamai Technologies, provider of distributed application and content delivery services, is working with various government agencies to help them meet mission-critical Web infrastructure needs. Among the government agencies that are taking advantage of Akamai's services are the U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO), and the Voice of America.

The U.S. Census Bureau will use Akamai’s EdgeSuite to power online resources that store information on U.S. demographics and the economy. Already, David Raszewski, senior Internet Technology Architect at the U.S. Census Bureau has seen a difference. "With the release of Census Data and products on our Web site, the increase in the load on our systems was unknown," he notes. "Implementing Akamai's EdgeSuite service reduced the hits on our server by 70 percent, reducing the load on our systems and delivering better performance for customers at the same time."

The GPO is the focal point for printing, binding, and information dissemination for the entire Federal community, including developing and managing many of the Web sites for U.S. Federal agencies. GPO-developed Web sites, leveraging Akamai's content delivery capabilities, have experienced significant reduction in page download times, while being able to scale to meet the demands of high volumes of end user traffic. In addition, the Voice of America, one of the largest news-gathering organizations in the world, is leveraging the Internet in order to enhance communications to its global audience. Using Akamai's streaming services, the Voice of America provides live and on-demand audio and video broadcasts of its news content in 53 languages to its audience, reliably delivering close to 200 hours of content per day.

For more information, visit www.akamai.com (new window), www.census.gov (new window) or www.voanews.com (new window).