AMS’ DakotaRAID 3.0

Advanced Media Services (AMS) has announced new firmware and hardware platforms for its DakotaRAID family of Network Attached Storage Appliances. DakotaRAID 3.0 enables capacity expansion by simply adding storage modules and reconfiguring RAID sets on-the-fly, with no downtime or data relocation. For security critical environments, version 3.0 enables file level security across all protocols. Access rights can now be set at the share, file or directory level through the Web management interface. DakotaRAID 3.0 supports NFS version 3 clients and enables connectivity for Solaris workstations. New features to firmware version 3.0 include file level security, Dynamic RAID expansion, NFS version 3 support, remote mirroring and SNMP support. Data Backup tools, embedded in firmware, now include SmartMirror, a remote mirroring tool, which provides an additional level of data protection and greatly increases the speed of the backup process by using a two-way data transfer scenario. For more information, call (800) 466-0813 or visit