Lakeview’s MIMIX 4.1 Tailored for Japanese Market

Showing its commitment to the Japanese market, Lakeview Technology has revealed the 4.1 version of its MIMIX availability solution, which is fully localized for use on midrange computing platforms in Japan.

The upgrade incorporates Lakeview’s Active Server application and database services, allowing users to perform database-management tasks in the background while maintaining full application and data access. The addition is intended to reduce the amount of planned downtime organizations must allocate for routine database maintenance.

With support for double byte character sets, MIMIX 4.1 is the first version of Lakeview’s availability offering to understand the Japanese alphabet. And its release will be accompanied by a commitment of more Lakeview resources and personnel in Japan.

MIMIX 4.1 condenses many of its management capabilities into single interfaces, including its component functions, journal controls and message logs. And the MIMIX installation process has been simplified so the database and object components can be installed through an automatic configuration function.

In addition, the 4.1 release integrates its database component and replication component so they can share common data groups, system definitions, communication resources and journaling environments. By doing this, users will be able to simplify the management process, reduce duplication and streamline communication between the environments. Used together, the database and replication components provide a replication solution for DB2/400 data as well as Spool Files, OS/400 objects and installable file system objects.

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