Open Source Community Takes On .NET

Ximian Inc. has announced the formation of the Mono Project, a community initiative to develop an open source, Linux-based version of the Microsoft .NET development platform. Incorporating key .NET compliant components, including a C## (pronounced C-sharp) compiler, a Common Language Runtime just-in-time compiler, and a full suite of class libraries, the Mono Project will enable developers to create .NET applications and run them on Windows or any Mono-supported platform, including Linux and Unix. Miguel de Icaza, Ximian CTO and president of the GNOME Foundation, will introduce the Mono Project during a presentation at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention (July 23 - July 27) in San Diego.

Ximian is spearheading the Mono Project, which is based on the company's own efforts as well as the work and contributions of others in the open source community. The Mono Project will allow the creation of both graphical user interfaces through GNOME components and the creation of server applications and Web services. The source code will be released under open source licenses.

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