Tandberg Data Extends DLTtape Manufacturing

Tandberg Data ASA’s production facilities in Oslo, Norway have begun manufacturing Super DLTtape drives. Under license from Quantum Corp., Tandberg Data will act as a supplier of Quantum DLT tape drives and SuperDLT tape drives. Tandberg Data has manufactured branded DLTtape tape drives since September of 1999.

"Through our relationship with Quantum and our expertise in manufacturing earlier-generation DLT tape drives, we have been able to quickly establish and fully qualify our manufacturing facility and meet the strict requirements for manufacturing highly reliable, high-capacity Super DLTtape products," said Gudmundur Einarsson, CEO at Tandberg Data. "DLTtape is the leading tape technology in the mid-range market segment, and our customers have indicated a strong demand for this product."

The Tandberg SDLT220 offers 110 GB of native storage capacity and a transfer rate of 11MB/sec. (220 GB at 22MB/sec. with 2:1 compression). The Tandberg SDLT220 is backward-read compatible with the large base of DLT8000, DLT7000 and DLT4000 users, and can be used for midrange computers, network servers, high-end workstations and mainframe environments running NetWare, UNIX, Windows NT, Linux, or proprietary operating systems. The Tandberg SDLT220 is highly suitable for applications in Automation, NAS (Network Attached Storage) and SAN (Storage Area Network) environments, and is widely supported by all major independent software vendors.

For more information, visit www.tandberg.com/superDLT (new window).