Diversified Software to Support IBM eServers and zSeries 900

Diversified Software, a provider of software products and services has established its pricing structure for the Z series 900 workload technology. All S/390-based products currently marketed by Diversified Software have been tested at the IBM Solution Developer Technical Support Center. They are fully functional and compatible with the new IBM zSeries 900 platform running OS/390 or z/OS under the 64-bit architecture.

The eServer pricing structure for Diversified Software products include support for IBM's zSeries 900 flexible workload technology -- the spare hardware capacity "white space" will not be calculated in the software product pricing model. The pricing will also provide support for IBM's licensing capabilities regarding software running in a dedicated Linux partition. Diversified Software will not charge for capacity used by the integrated facility dedicated to Linux deployment, until the company is in a position to offer functional value in that environment.

Diversified Software uses a pricing structure based on providing value for the entire complex running z/OS or OS/390 applications. As Diversified Software customers add Linux applications to their zSeries 900 platforms, the company does not expect to derive any revenue from those portions of the complex where they do not add value. Diversified Software is looking into ways to extend its products and services across other operating platforms, such as Unix and Linux.

For more information, visit www.diversifiedsoftware.com.