New Jersey Transit Automates Hiring with Cardiff

Cardiff Software Inc. announced that NJ TRANSIT, the nation's largest statewide public transportation system, has selected the Cardiff TELEform Information Capture System to automate the collection and processing of employment applications.

"Our human resources department required a lot of resources to manually process about 30,000 employment applications a year," said Joseph F. Allen, director of NJ TRANSIT employee resources. "Beyond the obvious cost issues, the slow process put our service level below where we wanted it to be. TELEform has allowed us to reduce our labor costs and improve our level of service."

Pace Business Solutions, a Cardiff Software Channel Partner, assisted NJ TRANSIT with the selection of hardware and software for the automated system. Pace's turnkey system combined Cardiff TELEform, a Pace-customized workflow/rules database, a Fujitsu work group-level scanner, and IMR's Alchemy document storage and retrieval software. The complete system was applied to automate NJ TRANSIT's existing four-page employment application.

The automated system allows the human resources department to cross-reference active and archived applications with current job openings. Also, the system reduced by half the office space needed to store processed applications.

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