Motorola Extends Relationship with ZNYX Networks

Motorola Computer Group, a part of Motorola Inc., has extended its existing OEM agreement to include ZNYX Networks next generation of embedded CompactPCI switches.

The agreement covers a broad range of embedded Ethernet products: switches, adapters and PMC/PIM modules for CompactPCI chassis plus LAN cards for the PCI bus. As part of the agreement, these products will carry Motorola brand customizations, receive Motorola part numbers and be sold through Motorola product catalogs. Some of these products have been jointly engineered to contain special features or configurations unique to Motorola Computer Group.

The OEM extension includes the next generation of ZNYX embedded switches -- ZX4300P and ZX4500 with OpenArchitect. The ZX4300P supports both the new CompactPCI Packet Switching Backplane standard (PICMG 2.16) and the standard CompactPCI chassis. This switch provides unmanaged layer-2 packet routing for Motorola's chassis. The onboard silicon switch fabric delivers full line-rate switching between application node cards within a chassis and to external Ethernet connections.

The ZX4500 with OpenArchitect is an extensible managed-switch for the CompactPCI chassis. It combines the performance of a silicon-based switching fabric with the flexibility of software-managed routing policies. This switch provides Motorola's CPX8200 family with layer 2-to-7 IP routing for 24 Fast Ethernet ports and dual Gigabit Fiber Ethernet ports. The ZX4500 provides a transition solution for VARs and integrators to migrate from the PCI bus to Ethernet communication between node cards.

Additional products covered in the extended OEM agreement include embedded networking products based on the PCI bus.

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