Wise Solutions Partners with Motive

Wise Solutions announced a partnership with Motive Communications Inc., a provider of intelligent service software, to provide Windows Installer users with repackaging and service solutions. The partnership covers joint market education and endorsement of the Motive-Wise solution that complements and extends Microsoft's Windows Installer for application packaging and repair.

Wise provides software and services for repackaging legacy installations into .MSI files, Microsoft's application packaging standard. Microsoft's Windows Installer, an operating system-resident service, facilitates installations and self-healing of .MSI files.

Motive's ServiceNet Platform complements Windows Installer by providing initial application repair and protection during the Windows Installer migration period and offering tools that allow the help desk analyst to diagnose and repair Windows Installer applications. Motive also tracks the effectiveness of Windows Installer self-healing, and protects components and settings not covered by Windows Installer, such as desktop settings, printer settings, network settings and personal application settings, including bookmarks and preferences.

For more information, visit www.motive.com, or www.wisesolutions.com.