Crystal Decisions and SAP Join Forces

SAP AG said yesterday it was integrating CrystalDecisions Inc’s data reporting tools into some of its mySAP products. Theintegration gives the software a ready-made way to look at data, obviating theneed for a third party tool.

MySAP Business Intelligence and will now comebundled with Crystal Decisions reporting tools. Users can access the toolsthrough a web-based interface, gathering the data they need through anybrowser. The companies hope this will help enterprises use their products ininternal portals.

 CrystalDecisions makes software that allows non-technical end users to view and cutdata in intuitive ways. Users can pull information out of a database thencreate charts and diagrams with the DHTML interface. Users can also exportcharts and diagrams to a number of different formats including HTML, pdf, andMicrosoft Office.

“SAP spent a lot of time listening to what their customerswanted said Mark Sochan, director of business development at SAP portals. Hesaid users needed better ways to access and interact with data, and CrystalDecisions provided the ideal solution. Tim Land, director of strategicalliances at Crystal Decisions, agrees, saying, “We really believed SAPcustomers could benefit from our solutions."