UDDI Registry Beta 2 Goes Online

The secondbeta of the Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration registry wentonline today. The registry will offer an automated way to find and useavailable Web services.

The UDDIregistry aims to be a comprehensive database of available Web services thatallows companies to integrate their applications with pubic Web services. Itgroups services by type, industry, and technical requirements. It aims to offeraccess to the information to machines from any platform.

IBM Corp.,Hewlett Packard Co., Microsoft Corp. and SAP AG each operate a registry.Entries are mirrored across each of the four registries.

The newversion offers more complex queries on the database, better tools for modelingbusiness relationships, and information that is easier for end users tounderstand.

The betaimplementations can be accessed here:

Hewlett Packard Company: http://uddi.hp.com
IBM: https://www.ibm.com/services/uddi/v2beta/protect/registry.html
Microsoft: https://uddi.rte.microsoft.com/register.aspx
SAP: http://udditest.sap.com