Tivoli Rolls Out New Security Products

IBM Corp. subsidiary Tivoli Systems Inc. now offers three new security products to help enterprises create an umbrella security system. Tivoli Identity Director, Tivoli Policy Director and Tivoli Intrusion Manager each address specific security issues within complex computing environments.

Tivoli Identity Director manages users granted access to systems in the enterprise. It creates an LDAP database of users to allow a single sign-on for Unix, mainframe and Windows machines. Tivoli says it centralizes user data, allowing new users to come online quickly, and departing employees' accounts can be deleted quickly and comprehensively.

Access to applications can be tied to the LDAP database, creating a single sign-on for both machines and applications.

Tivoli Policy Manager is an access management framework for e-business applications. It integrates with portal applications for Web-based authentication.

Tivoli also introduced Tivoli Intrusion Manager. It monitors threats and attacks from malicious users while filtering out false alarms. It can also scan the network for security vulnerabilities before they're compromised.