IDC: XML Will Emerge as Integration Standard

A recent report from IDC predicts XML will become thede facto standard for application integration. It says its ties to databasesystems and loyalty among users will drive its growth over the next four years.

According to the report, the market for XML serversgrew a staggering 440% in the boom years between 1999 and 2000. In spite of theslowing overall IT market, IDC expects the XML server market to total $3.7billion in 2005.

IDC expects the growth of XML servers will outpace theoverall software market. The primary reason for growth is XML’s ability toshare data between applications and databases.

XML will also take a place as the dominant method oflinking applications together. While other standards such as EDI have beenproposed and implemented for sharing data, none have seen the rapid growth andwidespread adoption of XML. – ChrisMcConnnell