Sybase Achieves J2EE 1.3 Compatibility with EAServer

Sybase Inc. saidTuesday it had certified the latest iteration of its application server,EAServer 4.1, with the J2EE 1.3 standard. Sybase expects to ship EAServer inmid-February.

Sybase also introduces a Web Services toolkit with thisrelease, giving enterprises the ability to deploy technologies such as SOAP,UDDI, and WSDL on the application server. The toolkit includes an XML-to-JavaGUI binding, allowing for smooth integration between Web Services data typesand Java-based applications.

Sybase did notfocus exclusively on support for new integration standards for EAServer. OmkarBhogir, director of product management and marketing for EAServer, says theapplication server also includes enterprise-class security features.Adminstrators can set up the security framework to enable a single sign-on forlegacy systems, obviating the need for an additional product.

Bhogir saysSybase is interested in the open J2EE standard for ease of integration anddevelopment. “It allows us to make applications portable because it supportsJ2EE 1.3,” he says.

Sybase is notthe first application server vendor to certify its product against the J2EEstandard. IBM Corp., which announced its compliance in lateDecember took that crown.

Unlike someapplication servers that run only Java, Sybase offers the ability runapplications written in other languages on the server. Old C/C++ andPowerBuilder applications, as well as COM components can co-exist with J2EEprojects on the application server.

In addition,Sybase provides connectors for enterprises to connect older platforms to J2EEapplications. Enteprises can select from point connectors purchase anadditional integration toolkit for comprehensive integration projects.

Oneopportunity the new release of EAServer provides is the ability to exposelegacy applications as services on the Web. Bhogir believes many enterpriseswill be interested in taking on this task. “The reality is,” he says, “legacyapplications aren’t going anywhere.” ChrisMcConnell