Veritas Ships Storage Appliance Software

Roll your own appliance

Addressing the rise of storage appliances in themarket, storage software vendor VeritasSoftware Corp. introduced yesterday software to allow administrators toroll their own appliances. The software runs on Sparc Servers and performs thesame functions as appliances from other vendors.

Veritas ServPoint allows a server to act as a dedicatedgateway to NAS or SAN arrays. The company believes enterprises will find valuein repurposing older hardware as gateways, rather than purchasing a newappliance.

ServPoint for NAS essentially enables enterprises touse a Sun server as a NAS device. The software manages heterogenous storageattached to the server, which connects to other servers on the network. Theservers can then use NAS-enabled server’s storage for application data. BothSolaris and Windows servers can use the device.

ServPoint for SAN clusters Sun servers to act asin-line gateways for managing SAN storage. Block-level data travels from theapplications, to the ServPoint servers, which moves the data to appropriatevolumes. The software is designed for redundant configurations and alsosupports both Solaris and Windows data.