Compuware Brings Abend-Aid to Browsers

Pagers and cell phones, too

Compuware Corp. has added functionality to its Abend-Aid Fault Manager product to expand the ways administrators can receive information about failing applications. The new version allows information to be accessed through a browser, or can be set up to notify administrators via pager or cell phone.

Fault Manager 2.5, announced last week, collects data when mainframe programs fail. It takes hexadecimal data and converts it into language that developers and administrators can understand, according to Wendy Mead, product manager for Abend-Aid at Compuware. The information is then used to diagnose problems with an application.

Data is collected in a database repository, which is accessible by a number of means. The 2.5 version adds the ability to create a Web-based front end for browser access and automated trouble ticket creation for helpdesk applications like Peregrine and Vantive.

Fault Manager can also plug into frameworks such as Tivoli and Unicenter TNG. Used in tandem with a framework or a helpdesk application, Fault Manager can alert adminstrators with a variety of means, including wireless devices like a pager.

The repository also contains tools that can cut data, giving developers an indication of recurring problems.

The latest version also collects data about Windows application problems. Mead says Compuware plans to support Unix in the future.

About the Author

Chris McConnell is Product and Technology Editor for Enterprise Systems.