NetManage Updates Web-to-Host Security

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Venerable Web-to-Host vendor NetManage Inc. said last week it had introduced Rumba Security Service 4.0, the latest version of its encryption module for its Rumba Web-to-host product.

Rumba Security Service gives enterprises the ability to encrypt transmissions between legacy systems and users of Web-to-host systems.

Because of government regulations, companies in the financial services and health care industries often have to encrypt customer data from end-to-end. Rumba Security Service provides the functionality to bring companies in line with these regulations.

The new version operates through HTTPS ports, allowing data to flow freely through traditional firewalls, and can employ the latest SSL technologies. It also supports mult-layer authentication, allowing the use of digital certificates and signatures.

Rumba Security Service 4.0 runs $4,000 per server.

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Chris McConnell is Product and Technology Editor for Enterprise Systems.