Jacada Adds Web Services Support to Integrator

Another vendor jumps into Web services game.

Another established legacy integration vendor has jumped into the Web services game. Jacada Ltd. said this week it now provides full Web services support with its Integrator integration server.

With the release of Jacada Integrator 3.6, Jacada Integrator has support for key Web services standards SOAP, WSDL and UDDI. Enterprises can expose legacy applications with the server, then publish as a Web service, tying the legacy application to any number of client applications.

"We’ve had XML support for quite a while now," says David Holmes, chief marketing officer at Jacada. To bring full Web services functionality to the product, Jacada needed to add a SOAP listener, the ability to describe an application in WSDL, and the ability to populate a UDDI directory. In addition to Web services connections, Jacada also offers several prefab connectors to client applications, including Siebel, which Holmes says constitutes a big chunk of Jacada’s business.

Unlike some integration servers that require connectors on the host server, Jacada takes a screen-based approach, interacting with the host application as if it were a user on a green screen. It mimics the keystrokes a user would make to access data from the application.

This approach eliminates the need to re-write applications in order to link them with the integration server. "You need nothing on the host and you don’t need to change anything on the host application," Holmes says, "That’s the beauty of it."

Jacada Integrator 3.6 runs on Windows and most Unix variants. Holmes indicated a Linux version of Integrator was in the works. Pricing begins at $9,000.