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IBM's Itanium 2-based server; Eye of the Storm network management software

IBM Brings Enterprise X-Architecture to Itanium 2by Scott Bekker(Courtesy of

IBM Corp. last week formally joined the increasingly crowded list of vendors offering multiprocessor server systems based on Intel's 64-bit Itanium processor family. IBM's offering comes in on the low end of the current 64-bit SMP scalability range, with systems initially supporting up to four processors.

The new Itanium 2-based server is called the eServer xSeries 450. The server is based on the "Summit" chipset that forms the foundation of IBM's 32-bit x440 servers for the Intel Xeon MP processor. IBM calls the technology the Enterprise X-Architecture.

IBM's Web site says users will be able to combine the four-way x450 servers "up to 16-way SMP scalability." Company officials aren't yet saying when they will begin offering the systems in greater-than-four-processor configurations.

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Administrative Calm in the Eye of the Storm

Entuity, Inc., provider of infrastructure management software, announced version 3.0 of Entuity Eye of the Storm (EotS 3.0), network management software.

Entuity says that EotS 3.0 can perform automatic discovery of network resources, reveal underutilized assets, and correlate this information in the context of a network view so that assets can be redeployed and adapted to changing business requirements. Key features include a real-time, dynamically updated 3-D map that provides views of the physical and logical connection between Layer Two and Layer Three network elements. Other new features include new support for the management of server and application availability; advanced report management, and personalized dashboard capabilities, which allow network administrators to view information about complex data types—such as ATM, frame relay, or leased line resource information—in the context of other network information.

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