Briefs: Microsoft enterprise product roadmap; ChangeMan mainframe data access tools

Microsoft unveils product plans at TechEd; ChangeMan enables desktop use of reporting and project tools with mainframe applications

Flessner Updates Microsoft Product Roadmap by Scott Bekker(Courtesy of

Microsoft senior vice president Paul Flessner used his TechEd keynote Monday to update Microsoft's roadmap for its enterprise products for the next four years or so.

As part of a comprehensive roadmap, Flessner unveiled several milestones and new items:

* Exchange Server 2003 Release Candidate 1 is immediately available. The product is currently supposed to be released to manufacturing sometime in the second half of July.

* Windows Storage Server 2003 will be released to manufacturing in June. The product is a follow-on to a network-attached storage (NAS) version of Windows that has been through several release cycles and is built into NAS devices from several vendors.

* SQL Server Reporting Services, originally scheduled for the SQL Server "Yukon" release, will instead be available sooner for SQL Server 2000 customers. A beta is coming this fall, and the technology is supposed to be finished by year end.

* BizTalk Server 2004 Beta is available now. BizTalk Server 2004 is the first deliverable in the new "Jupiter" product, which will combine BizTalk Server, Commerce Server and Content Management Server.

* A huge price drop will be coming for the SQL Server 2000 Developer Edition in August. The price will drop from about $500 to $50. Borland has committed to shipping the cheap Developer Edition in its Borland C#Builder this summer.

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Serena Exposes Mainframe Data for Client/Server Developers

Serena Software, Inc. announced version 3.1 of Serena ChangeMan, a tool that facilitates access to mainframe data from Windows-based IDEs.

Serena says that the new release includes several usability, access, and development enhancements that improve the flow of information to and from mainframe systems.

Serena ChangeMan ZDD makes it possible to use desktop reporting and project management tools with mainframe applications. It integrates with Serena’s ChangeMan ZMF and exploits XML to safely expose mainframe data to Windows developers, while at the same time protecting software assets through the application life cycle.

In ChangeMan ZDD 3.1, Serena added new build, compile, and promote capabilities that enable developers—along with support and administrative personnel—to work within a familiar Windows environment. The new version features key development-focused capabilities, such as built-in Editor and Differencing utilities.

ChangeMan ZDD 3.1 includes usability and access features such as Section 508 compliance for customers with disabilities, as well as international code page support for non-English speaking environments.

The product is available now; for details see

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