Jacada Releases Version 5.0 of Jacada Terminal Emulator

New version features Java 2 platform support and a thin-client FTP component

ATLANTA - September 30, 2003 - Jacada Ltd. (NASDAQ: JCDA), the leading provider of legacy integration and Web-to-host solutions, has released version 5.0 of Jacada Terminal Emulator. This version features the first thin-client Java FTP (File Transfer Protocol) component in the emulation market, expanded UNIX support with VT340 emulation, additional language capability, support for the Java 2 platform, and usability improvements such as customized hotspots and font enhancements.

Jacada Terminal Emulator is a full-featured browser-based terminal emulation software solution providing fast, easy, and affordable thin-client access to host systems. Jacada Terminal Emulator enables organizations to easily make business-critical applications available over the Web in a matter of minutes, without installing any software on the host system or client machines - significantly reducing the total cost of ownership for desktop connectivity.

"Version 5.0 of Jacada Terminal Emulator further matures the product with the addition of new features and functionality designed to make installation, deployment and use, simple, easy and robust," said Oren Ezra, vice president of product management for Jacada.

The addition of a new Java thin-client FTP feature provides the mechanism for fast and effective information exchange with the ability to transport files between mainframe, iSeries, Unix and Windows platforms without the headaches of a fat-client FTP. Jacada Terminal Emulator utilizes thin-client architecture to centrally locate and distribute this functionality to the user. In an ongoing effort to add additional language capabilities, Jacada Terminal Emulator now supports English, German and Spanish client-side user interfaces, providing one emulation solution for multicultural business.

Jacada Terminal Emulator 5.0 supports the Java 2 platform, which has resulted in additional font support, keyboard functionality, faster runtime performance, and improved security. Jacada Terminal Emulator also provides the flexibility to run as a Java applet and as a Java Application. This provides for additional stability and security, while maintaining a two-tier architecture.

Jacada has added several usability enhancements, which include Java-based support for automatic proportional sizing of fonts and the ability to implement hotspots. With many users requiring the ability to view multiple sessions at a time, proportional sizing of fonts and windows provides the capability to dynamically size the relevant information. Hotspots can provide relief from an overwhelming volume of data on a screen. Hotspots display certain information as a button or link, which can be quickly selected via a mouse click. Hotspots can represent simple host commands such as F3=Exit to complex, user-defined macros or procedures.

Pricing and Availability - Jacada Terminal Emulator version 5.0 is generally available. A free 30-day evaluation version is available for download at http://www.jacada.com.

About Jacada - Jacada Ltd. connects the world to legacy systems through a full range of programmatic integration, automated Web-to-host, and legacy access solutions. Jacada solutions address all application development architectures including J2EE, .NET, and Web Services and are the preferred and certified legacy connection solutions for Computer Associates, Oracle, PeopleSoft, SeeBeyond, and Siebel. Jacada solutions are in use today at major corporations and government organizations such as AIG, Bank of America, Caterpillar, Citibank, Delta Air Lines, The Federal Reserve Bank, Porsche Cars North America, Prudential, and the US Department of Interior. Jacada operates globally with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia; Herzliya, Israel; and London, England. Jacada can be reached at www.jacada.com or at 1-800-773-9574.

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