Altiris Helps Companies Save Time and Money Through Informed Hardware Upgrade Decisions

New Altiris® Migration Analyst(tm), combined with the Intel® PC ROI Analyst, delivers comprehensive inventory scans, consolidated hardware and software reports and integrated ROI analysis for customers

SALT LAKE CITY - Oct. 13, 2003 - Altiris, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATRS), a leader in systems management solutions that reduce the total cost of owning information technology, today announced that the new Altiris® Migration Analyst(tm), in conjunction with the Intel® PC ROI Analyst, is available for use by IT administrators to provide an automated, concise look at their hardware and software inventory. HP, using the Altiris Migration Analyst and the Intel PC ROI Analyst, can help IT administrators quickly gather an accurate IT asset inventory, create reports to validate upgrade plans and help determine the ROI of hardware and software migrations.

Additionally, Altiris, HP and Intel visited 19 U.S. cities to help companies identify and decrease the expense and vulnerability associated with aging, legacy infrastructures. The IT's Go Time seminar series provides tools, such as the Altiris Migration Analyst and the Intel PC ROI Analyst, and proven, effective migration strategies in addition to: ·A first hand look at the costs, lost opportunities and decreased competitiveness associated with an aging infrastructure. ·Live demonstrations of painless PC migrations that decrease costs, offer less downtime and reduce demands on IT staff. ·An overview of the security benefits of new HP hardware, which, with integrated Altiris software, is one of the best-managed platforms in the industry.

More than 1,800 registrants, consisting of IT decision makers from a variety of industries, attended the U.S. seminars, which are scheduled to move to Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific later this year and into early 2004.

"We believe that the PC vendors need to focus on two things: articulating the benefits that PCs currently have and removing the barriers for PC purchase," said Rob Enderle, president of the Enderle Group. "We continue to believe that coordinated, focused marketing based on solid customer benefits by a large number of the key players would increase the demand for PCs and help drive a PC market recovery."

"New technologies can better address security concerns, dramatically lower the cost of desktop management and make people vastly more productive but it is the responsibility of the vendor to communicate these core benefits. They also need to focus on lowering the cost of deployment because currently that cost, in terms of time lost and aggravation, significantly exceeds the price of a new PC for most buyers."

The Altiris Migration Analyst provides zero-footprint, auto-discovery for a quick analysis of hardware and software upgrade requirements. Migration Analyst includes five reports that provide detailed information about computer operating systems, processors, memory, disk space and usage, ultimately determining specific computers that require resources. The reports help quickly and accurately analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a system to help make informed upgrade purchase decisions.

"PCs represent a significant portion of an IT environment and aging systems can increase support costs, decrease employee productivity and present security vulnerabilities," said Deborah Conrad, vice president, Sales and Marketing Group, and director, Intel's Solutions Market Development Group. "We are working with Altiris and leading hardware manufacturers to provide IT administrators with the necessary tools to determine their upgrade requirements and the return on investment of technology."

Once the Migration Analyst gathers inventory of a system's computers, the Intel PC ROI Analyst helps determine the logical upgrade path. The Migration Analyst is designed to help reduce the total cost of owning PCs and increases productivity through integration with powerful Altiris systems management tools.

Rob Wellman, Altiris VP strategic alliance sales, said, "Many companies find their outdated IT environments becoming a detriment to productivity and security. Many companies that upgraded to prepare for the Y2K bug almost four years ago are upon a needed upgrade cycle. Altiris is working with the leading hardware vendors to make the upgrade process as painless and efficient as possible for the rapid reduction of hardware TCO."

Pricing and availability Visit for more information or to download a free version of the Altiris Migration Analyst or the Intel PC ROI Analyst. Visit for more information, including cities and dates, on the IT's Go Time seminar series.

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