Kubi Software Delivers Collaborative Email Solutions With Shipment Server, Updated Client

New products provide innovative collaborative functionality to workgroups or entire enterprises.

LINCOLN, Mass. - October 14, 2003 - Reaching another milestone in the delivery of the company's Collaborative Email solutions, Kubi Software, Inc. today announced the general availability of Kubi Server and an enhanced version of Kubi Client. The new products extend the benefits of Kubi Software's award-winning Collaborative Email approach - which transforms Email into a powerful collaborative application - to streamline critical business processes.

Kubi Client 1.1 is a single product that delivers all the essential functionality teams need to revise documents, share knowledge, and collaborate on projects, whether they are connected to Kubi Server or operating in Client-only (peer-to-peer) configurations. It makes it easy for knowledge workers to spontaneously create secure, structured workspaces and share them with internal and external partners, without leaving the familiar Email environment (Microsoft Outlook or IBM Lotus Notes). This innovative approach to collaboration - recognized with a DEMOgod award when it was introduced at DEMO 2003, and chosen as a "Trend-Setting Product of 2003" by KMWorld Magazine - has been enriched with the addition of new feature enhancements most requested by Kubi Client users.

Kubi Server offers organizations the ability to store, manage, synchronize, and replicate Kubi workspaces from a central location, while still extending the benefits of Kubi Client to end-users. An optional complement to Kubi Client, Kubi Server leverages organizations' investments in messaging infrastructure (Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Domino servers), and extends the availability of Kubi Spaces, including browser-based access for roaming users.

"Kubi Client brings a much enhanced structure, integration, and sharing flexibility to the Civil Air Patrol's use of Microsoft Outlook. Email users desperately need that," said Paul Capicik, CIO, Civil Air Patrol. "People can use Kubi Client with little training to streamline their daily work processes. Kubi Server brings additional value to us by providing central storage and management of our Kubi Spaces."

"These new products are an important milestone in our drive to make Collaborative Email accessible to organizations of any size," said Julio Estrada, founder and CEO of Kubi Software. "The feedback we have received from customers and partners confirms that we have focused on the right pain points. As our customers apply Collaborative Email to key business processes that have lacked effective collaboration, they are realizing the full value of enhancing these processes with Kubi Software's innovative approach."

Kubi Client: Collaboration "Ready"

Kubi Client 1.1 delivers the core Collaborative Email functionality to end-users, whether they are operating in workgroup mode - sharing Kubi Spaces directly with other Kubi Clients - or in enterprise mode, connected to Kubi Server. It transforms existing Email environments - which are poorly suited to supporting the shared work of teams - by providing context, security, a shared space for project work, and greatly improved document sharing. The updated Kubi Client offers enhanced features most requested by users, including:

  • Increased customization options for the Kubi Home and Project Home pages

  • Improved Calendaring and Scheduling integration

  • The ability to transfer leadership of Kubi Spaces or designate multiple leaders

  • Enhanced interface for IBM Lotus Notes users, now with data aggregated into a "dashboard" view Kubi Server: Enterprise Collaboration Hub

Kubi Server provides centralized storage, management, synchronization, and replication of shared Kubi Client workspaces, and can support hundreds of Kubi Client users. It enables IT to more effectively administer the organization's use of Kubi Client. Kubi Server also extends the availability of Kubi Spaces, and leverages investments in messaging infrastructure, as it can be installed on either a dedicated server (Exchange or Domino) or an existing Exchange or Domino messaging server. Benefits include:

  • "Always on" copies of a Kubi Client workspace - users can access up-to-date project information from a central location

  • Browser-based access, for remote or traveling Kubi Client users

  • Consolidation and preservation of corporate knowledge that is otherwise lost in burgeoning Email stores (personal Inboxes or messaging servers)

  • Integration with the proven Exchange and Domino server platforms, as well as their data stores, directory services, and security mechanisms

Pricing/Availability and System Requirements

Pricing for Kubi Client 1.1 begins at $5,000 for up to 25 users. Kubi Software is offering a 30-day trial version of the fully functional Kubi Client, at http://kubisoftware.com/trial. Kubi Server is priced beginning at $5,000 for a workgroup of 100 users (Kubi Client licenses must be purchased separately). Both products require maintenance contracts covering support and upgrades.

Kubi Client 1.1 requires Windows XP, 2000, or 98 SE. For Microsoft Outlook users, Kubi Client 1.1 is compatible with Outlook 2003, 2002, or 2000. Outlook users must also have a valid Email account on an Exchange 2000, 5.5, or a POP3 mail server (support for Exchange 2003 is planned). For IBM Lotus Notes users, Kubi Client 1.1 is compatible with Notes 6.01 or higher, or Notes 5.0.6a or higher (support for Notes 6.5 is planned). Notes users must also have a valid Email account on a Domino 6.0.1 or higher, or Domino 5.0.6a or higher, mail server (support for Domino 6.5 is planned).

Kubi Server requires Microsoft Windows 2000 Server (support for Windows 2003 Server is planned), and either Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server or IBM Lotus Domino (6.01 or higher, or 5.0.6a or higher). Support for Exchange 2003 and Domino 6.5 is planned.

About Kubi Software

Kubi Software was founded in 2001 to create a new class of business software called Collaborative Email that enables employees, customers, and partners to collaborate easily and securely. Collaborative Email combines the power of collaboration with the familiarity and ease-of-use of Email. Kubi Software's solutions are optimized to support collaboration either for workgroups or enterprises. Kubi Client makes it easy for workgroups and individuals to spontaneously create and share workspaces with internal and external partners. Kubi Server offers enterprise IT managers the ability to store, manage, synchronize, and replicate Kubi workspaces from a central location. Founder and CEO Julio Estrada has extensive experience in leading the development of commercially successful software, including Lotus QuickPlace and Lotus Domino Web Server - collaboration solutions used today by tens of millions of users. Kubi Software's world-class executive team brings management expertise from enterprise software companies, while its blue-chip investors include Lazard Technology Partners and VIMAC Ventures, LLC. Contact Kubi Software at www.kubisoftware.com or 1-866-KUBI-NOW.