Singlefin Helps Enterprise Customers Stem Flow of Spam

Singlefin product simultaneously boosts e-mail efficiency with their new Comprehensive Messaging Management Solution

SAN DIEGO (October 28, 2003) – Singlefin, a provider of enterprise-class e-mail protection services, today announced a way to save companies over $100,000 annually by going beyond “just” spam and revolutionizing how e-mail is handled with the launch of their Comprehensive Messaging Management Solution (CMMS). CMMS is aimed at corporations who need more than spam and e-mail protection. This solution is comprised of several layers to handle not only spam filtering, multi-level virus filtering and general e-mail filtering, but now Singlefin can route individual messages at the user level. This granularity of messaging management gives network administrators ultimate control.

Singlefin’s engineers, working in concert with CTO John Runnels, have created the Comprehensive Messaging Management Solution as part of a multi-layered product designed to fulfill CEO Jake Jacoby’s vision for an integrated spam and e-mail balancing network that can evolve and adapt to the varying demands of a company’s network infrastructure while simultaneously creating first time efficiencies in the way that e-mail is delivered.

“The average corporation hires on average one to two MIS people at a cost of nearly $100,000 a year to handle today’s increases in e-mail systems management,” said Jacoby. “With Singlefin’s new CMMS, companies no longer need to waste time and resources hiring and training staff to monitor messaging networks and continuously finding for ways to protect it. CMMS handles all of this – from attachment filters, to back-ups, to anti-virus, to outbound filtering and routing and more. We are currently the only company to handle e-mail messaging management on so many distinct levels.”

With the current release of Singlefin’s message level routing, enterprise users can manage their entire email system with one outsourced product rather than relying on several vendors to handle different aspects of e-mail. A system administrator can oversee a network that handles thousands of users because the filtering and work is done before it even hits their network.

“Singlefin’s outsourced service allows me to effectively manage all of our systems, eliminating the hassles of individual, client or server based rules,” said James Ealer, vice president, of Generation IX Technologies Inc, one of the fastest growing outsourced IT companies in the Los Angeles area. “Whatever the threat is to our network, Singlefin’s product is out there giving me, the client, a direct layer of protection. This frees up my time and network resources, allowing me to deal with other day to day operations.”

“As anti-spam services become commoditized, IT will be basing their secure e-mail management buying decisions, in part, on the breadth of the vendor’s offerings – instead of looking solely at single-purpose suppliers,” said Maurene Caplan Grey, a research director at Gartner. “Effective e-mail management requires a holistic approach – best met with a synergistic set of tools.”

Additional features include:

  • Multiple Geographically Dispersed Data Centers
  • 100% Historic Uptime
  • Easy Implementation
  • Inbound/Outbound SMTP & Secure SMTP Based Filtering
  • Spam Accuracy (98%)
  • Two Enterprise-Class Virus Engines
  • Policy Filter (Compliance)
  • Content Filtering
  • Attachment Filter
  • Custom Black/White Listing (Admin & User Level)
  • Custom Rule Filters
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Mail Routing (multi-path algorithmic mail routing at group & user level)
  • Quarantines (Admin & User Level)
  • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Integration
  • 24X7 Network Monitoring and Technical Support
  • Real-Time Detailed Reporting

Availability The Singlefin Comprehensive Messaging Management Solution™ is currently available for companies that are looking for a complete solution. Contact Singlefin directly for pricing specifics at

About Singlefin Singlefin, a leader in messaging management that easily and affordably integrates into enterprise systems. By preventing penetration at the Internet gateway, company servers and IT managers are saved the burden of unwanted junk mail. In addition, Singlefin is able to offer a unique range of reporting services allowing e-mail administrators an unparalleled view into the use or abuse of their corporate servers. Singlefin is privately funded and is headquartered in San Diego, Calif.

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