Unifact Corporation Delivers Breakthrough Business Intelligence Software Platform

Univiz analytics combines Web services and .NET to bring business intelligence to the masses

Boston, MA - October 28, 2003 - The spread of Business Intelligence throughout the enterprise has a new champion, Unifact Corporation, with the introduction and immediate availability of UniViz Analytics, the first browser-based ad hoc data analysis tool targeted at both business analysts and casual business users.

"As more companies look to leverage existing information technology investments, Business Intelligence software is becoming a critical tool in turning raw data into usable information," explained James Joly, founder and director of product management. "Many companies continue to struggle with how to effectively deliver that information to end users in a powerful, flexible way."

Traditionally, business reporting and analysis is accomplished through one of two ways: ad hoc analysis or static reporting. Ad hoc analysis allows slicing and dicing of data so that users can get exactly the data they need, how they need it. However, ad hoc analysis tools are quite complex and designed for power users and business analysts. Static reporting tools are much easier to use and allow casual users to view business data in a simple, easy-to-use format. However, these static tools aren't very flexible or powerful.

UniViz Analytics fills the void, handling the "last mile" of information delivery throughout the enterprise. UniViz Analytics is the first Business Intelligence reporting and analysis tool to put the power of information into the hands of business analysts and casual users alike, unlocking critical business value at an industry-leading price point.

A True Breakthrough in Decision Support

UniViz Analytics is a cutting-edge software solution designed to leverage the power of Microsoft .NET rich client Web technology. Supporting emerging Web services standards for analytics, UniViz Analytics delivers the perfect blend of connectivity, interactivity, and collaboration. The result is an easy-to-use, Web-delivered application that offers all of the power of OLAP, ad hoc analysis tools, while providing a familiar dashboard-style interface preferred by casual users. Platform features and highlights include:

UniViz DataConnector %% Flexible, scalable, Web services architecture, built on Microsoft ASP.NET %% Seamless integration with existing Microsoft Analysis Services installations %% Low-bandwidth support for remote users

UniViz Dashboard %% A Web-delivered rich client interface %% Pure managed code components running on the .NET framework %% Combined reporting and ad hoc analysis capabilities %% Advanced graphing engine for data visualization

UniViz Collaborator %% Integrated collaboration %% End user authentication and custom profiles

For more details on UniViz Analytics and to view a demonstration of the software, please visit http://www.unifact.com/univiz.

UniViz Analytics, version 1.0, is available today from Unifact Corporation. The company offers several flexible, competitive pricing models that start at $10K. For more information, please call (617) 423-9950, email info@unifact.com, or visit http://www.unifact.com.

About Unifact Corporation

Unifact Corporation provides revolutionary Web-delivered reporting and analysis software targeted at business users throughout an organization. By combining the best aspects of reporting tools, OLAP applications, and Executive Information Systems, UniViz Analytics provides the perfect blend of collaboration, connectivity, and interactivity for a true breakthrough in decision support. Founded in 2002, Unifact Corporation is headquartered in Boston, MA and is privately funded. For more information, call (617) 423-9950, email info@unifact.com, or visit http://www.unifact.com.