InfoCPU Reports CPU utilization and Trends for z/OS

NAPLES, FL (November 5, 2003) - Advanced Software Products Group, Inc., a pioneer in leading edge corporate data center performance software, is pleased to announce the release of InfoCPU v1.0 for the z/OS [S390] environment. InfoCPU combines the power of the mainframe and the flexibility of the PC to provide reports and graphs showing CPU utilization by LPAR and WLM workload and/or service class. Trending and exception reporting are accomplished utilizing Crystal Reports API's. InfoCPU v1.0 will be available November 2003.

INFO/CPU is a CPU resource reporting system that easily creates graphical charts along with traditional mainframe SYSOUT reports showing overall CPU and individual WLM workload and/or service class utilization. Trending of your CPU and WLM resource utilization is fully supported. The product executes very simply, via batch JCL, with the user selecting options via a small set of control card specifications.

Utilizing the SEStudio and InfoVision tools in combination with the mainframe programs, InfoCPU easily provides a set of canned graphs and reports that are designed to satisfy all your CPU reporting and trending needs. Custom graphing is also available. InfoVision utilizes Crystal Reports API's to allow "drill-down" functionality within trending summaries and goal exception reports showing WLM workloads that did not meet defined goals. Licensed users of Crystal Reports will find added benefits by utilizing the software to create their own reports and by utilizing the various publishing techniques that Crystal Reports provides.

InfoCPU is part of the InfoSuite of storage management tools from ASPG, Inc. Along with InfoDASD and InfoTape, InfoCPU provides management and technical groups alike, with the data they need to perform capacity planning, performance and tuning decisions in their data center. All InfoSuite components may be purchased separately.

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