Iteration Unveils Iteration Real-Time Suite 3.0

Real-time analytics, reporting, and information delivery solution uncovers critical business insights to improve operational performance

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—Nov. 17, 2003—Iteration Software, a leading real-time information company, today announced the immediate availability of Iteration Real-Time Suite (RTS) 3.0, the new version of its proven analytics, reporting and information delivery solution. This new release offers sophisticated analytic and reporting capabilities that drive unparalleled efficiency and interactivity for more timely and accurate business decisions.

Unlike approaches that deliver historical snapshots, static reports or “near real-time” business information, Iteration RTS 3.0 compresses decision cycles by streaming real-time business metrics within seconds of detecting a status change or process exception. These capabilities are crucial in areas such as discrete manufacturing, securities trading, insurance claims processing or call centers, where a real-time response directly impacts productivity, profitability, customer service and competitive advantage.

Iteration RTS combines a new, memory-based architecture with a series of highly sophisticated tools for real-time data integration, monitoring, alerting, delivery and analytics. Iteration RTS 3.0 adds dozens of new features, including tighter integration with leading desktop software applications, more flexible end-user reporting, multi-level security enhancements, expanded messaging support, and greater user and data scalability.

New Features and Functionality

Iteration RTS 3.0 significantly advances Iteration Software’s leadership in the rapidly evolving market for real-time analytics and reporting solutions. New and enhanced features include:

  • Enhanced Report Views: support for new reports including Microsoft Excel, the world’s most widely used reporting interface, and a real-time Cross tab view to perform OLAP analysis across multiple dimensions (i.e. time, region, SKU, channel, portfolio, segment).

  • Drilling: the ability to navigate real-time data at a summary or detail level.

  • Improved Analytics: the addition of multi-pass calculations (i.e. percent of total).

  • Improved Reliability and Up-time: the addition of fail-over clustering for automatic back-up processing in case of server hardware failure.

  • New Messaging Sources: support for Web Methods™ Broker and SeeBeyond™ JMS Intelligent Queue message systems.

  • Guaranteed Messaging: support for guaranteed message processing.

  • XML Message Generation: The ability to generate and route XML transactions as a result of analytic processing, enabling customers to use Iteration RTS to implement closed-loop processing.

“Iteration RTS 3.0 provides a highly scalable and reliable analytics and reporting platform that is specifically designed to improve operational performance and productivity,” said Ken Gardner, chairman and CEO, Iteration Software. “This new version delivers the flexibility and robust analytic functionality that our customers require from a real-time information infrastructure.”

Based on an October 2003 report from Gartner, enterprises that are heavily dependent on IT should plan for or evaluate new approaches to real-time, event-oriented monitoring. Gartner, Inc., “Business Activity Monitoring Client Issues for 2004,” B. Gassman, 6 October 2003.

“Gartner anticipates growing adoption of solutions that monitor real-time business events and deliver alerts so that managers can react more quickly to problems and opportunities,” said Bill Gassman, principal analyst, Gartner. “By monitoring critical business performance indicators in real time, enterprises can improve the speed and effectiveness of business operations.”

About Iteration RTS

Iteration RTS addresses the full spectrum of requirements for today’s real-time businesses. These include:

Real-time Data Integration: employing a high performance data flow technology, Iteration RTS sources real-time and historical data from multiple enterprise systems across an organization including: EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) systems, message queues, databases, data warehouses, web services, XML, and flat files.

Real-time Data Caching: Iteration RTS is uniquely built upon a high performance, persistent, intelligent, memory-based storage system designed from the ground up to support real-time data and monitoring. This active data, organized in the form in which a user wishes to view it, is the data that is extracted from the enterprise systems and kept synchronized with those systems. The most current data is available to users without the need to run a query.

Real-time Analytics: Iteration RTS includes basic analytic and calculation capabilities. Through a real-time analytic server, Iteration RTS provides a full library of statistical and financial functions for use in complex, real-time analytic calculations.

Real-time Monitoring: Iteration RTS monitors complex changes in enterprise data in real-time based upon user-defined rules. When relevant changes to the data occur, or pre-defined conditions are met, decision-makers are notified with a real-time alert and/or report. This monitoring capability allows users to always know the current state of their business.

Real-time Alerting: Iteration RTS delivers real-time alerts and reports to users through a variety of industry-standard mechanisms, such as instant messaging and email. Iteration RTS tracks user presence and optimizes report delivery when a user’s presence is detected online. It also includes a proprietary instant messaging server and client that provide secure transmission and guaranteed delivery.

Real-time Report Delivery: Real-time reports are delivered to users within seconds of an event, exception, or change in status. They are available in a variety and combinations of common view types including charts, columnar, cross tab, Microsoft Excel, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), lists, and more.

Reports are always current and update themselves automatically as the underlying data changes, without the need to refresh.

For more information on Iteration RTS 3.0, visit To qualify for a free, on-site real-time assessment employing Iteration’s Real-time Assessment™ Methodology, contact Iteration at or call 650-230-4000.

About Iteration

Founded by a team of visionary enterprise software veterans in February 2002, Iteration Software is the leading provider of real-time analytics, reporting, and information delivery products. The Iteration Real-time Suite™ (Iteration RTS) helps financial services and manufacturing companies decrease information latency to better monitor and optimize the performance of key business operations. Combining the latest in business intelligence and real-time analytics, Iteration seeks to fuel the growth of the real-time enterprise and enable access to complex corporate systems and information for up-to-the-second reporting anytime, anywhere. Iteration currently has 14 technology patents pending. Iteration investors include Canaan Partners and Crosspoint Venture Partners. Iteration is headquartered in Mountain View, California. For more information about Iteration, please visit or call 650.230.4000.