Mindbridge Software Introduces Hosted Intranet Solution

Intranet on Demand designed for small and medium sized companies

Philadelphia, Pa. (December 9, 2003) Mindbridge Software announces the availability of their hosted Intranet solution, Intranet on Demand. Scott Testa, COO of Mindbridge, states that, small and mid-size organizations that need all of the collaborative benefits that an Intranet provides, but do not want to spend their resources on hardware, software, development, implementation and support will find this solution to be very cost effective. The quick setup of the system and fast learning curve for users allows an organization to concentrate their efforts on the content and customization of the Intranet. Providing connectivity via the Internet allows users to access the system 24/7 from office or home or on the road.

The full power of Intranet collaboration, customized look and feel, and increased productivity can be realized without the headaches inherent with system maintenance. All installation, upgrades, backups and recovery, patches, and other systems issues are handled using the technical expertise of the host, Mindbridge Software. Frequent backups to an off-site location ensure security of the data. The system is fully scalable and adding or changing users is an easy administrative process. Help and instructions are available for both users and administrators. Pricing is based on the number of users and the amount of storage space utilized on the host. Optional features include SSL encryption, special training and use of a dedicated server. The hosted Intranet is fully transportable to an in-house server if a company decides to make such a move at some point in the future.

The functions available for Intranet on Demand are the same as those of IntraSmart, the Intranet software suite that runs on client company servers. They include:

  • Announcements that are easy for administrators to update

  • Asset Scheduler that can reserve multiple assets at once and warn of double bookings

  • Company Links that can take a user to important documents with a single click

  • Contact Address Book with an easy to use search facility

  • Content Manager with a complete history of changes

  • Department Homepages that are easily maintained by the owners with templates

  • Document Library with an organized structure for storing items

  • Document Nominator process that allows an owner to use team editing functionality

  • Employee Bulletin Boards for public, departmental, or team collaboration

  • Employee Directory including pictures and secure private information

  • Forms Generator for quickly designing a form to gather data or conduct a survey

  • Frequently Used Websites for one click navigation to sites that are accessed often

  • Full Text Search to find relevant documents in indexed locations

  • Group Calendar to check availability and set appointments with groups of individuals

  • Instant Messaging to get quick answers to important questions from coworkers

  • My Documents for organizing items in files with individual custom created names

According to David Christian, President of Mindbridge, Selecting a hosted solution is the smart choice for many companies that want to leverage their resources when implementing an Intranet. They are able to produce a high ROI by both increasing productivity and carefully managing project expenditures.

There is an introductory special available that will allow organizations to get a free month of service for every month paid in advance. This offer will only be available through March of 2004. Details regarding Intranet on Demand can be found on the website at http://www.intranetondemand.com