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Creating a Culture of Measurement

BI empowers companies to offer products and services at the lowest possible cost and with the greatest amount of efficiency and productivity, while returning the highest revenues and profits. Learn how Information Builders' philosophy of business intelligence will help you to establish a culture of measurement and begin a powerful cycle of continued improvement within your organization.

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Maximizing Siebel Data

Understanding the daily implications of your Siebel data is critical to making informed decisions that increase productivity and reduce costs. Businesses today need an ad hoc reporting solution that provides real-time access to the necessary information for managing expectations and avoiding surprises. Learn how Noetix’s technology can deliver immediate value to your business by empowering business users to make data-driven decisions-without creating a backlog of report requests.

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Project Management Software Impacts Your Bottom Line

Project management software won't increase a carrier's market share or revenue streams, and it won't improve system integration, but the impact it can have on an IT department's bottom line can be significant. Learn how project management tools have helped other organizations to control costs when implementing new technologies.

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Maximizing BI Value with Web Services

The growing excitement about Web services has done little to provide a clear understanding of what they really are and why they are important in the business intelligence (BI) space. Hyperion explains how web services can help to maximize the business value of BI by separating the presentation layer from the application logic layer so that BI can be embedded into business processes.

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