iolo technologies Helps Organizations Maintain and Protect Multiple PCs

Companies can now globally maintain all of their computers quickly and safely while keeping time, cost, and risk to a minimum

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA, January 8, 2004 - iolo technologies, LLC, a leading developer and manufacturer of software products designed to enhance the performance and security of PCs running the Microsoft Windows operating systems, has today announced the version 4 release of System Mechanic Mobile Toolkit, a portable CD-ROM-based utility software package that allows consultants, technicians, VARS, and MIS/IT managers to protect and maintain multiple computers without the need of local software installation.

Most companies do not properly service their vast numbers of computer workstations properly because of the resources required. Unfortunately, this lack of prudence often leads to computer problems that can slowly degrade productivity and even bring an organization to an abrupt standstill. iolo's System Mechanic Mobile Toolkit takes the inconvenience out of PC maintenance and gives those responsible for such work the ability to globally maintain any number of computers quickly, easily, and safely while keeping time, cost, and risk to a minimum.

Many companies are cautious about installing powerful PC maintenance software such as System Mechanic on their employee's workstations for fear of potential damage through inexperienced user errors or misuse. With System Mechanic Mobile Toolkit, trained technicians can easily perform important system maintenance without making these tools available to standard users. System Mechanic is easily transported and can be used on any number of computers by simply inserting the CD into each machine, performing the maintenance required, and then removing the CD. As an added convenience for networked PC's, the System Mechanic Mobile Toolkit CD can also be set up on a shared CD-ROM drive and accessed by any computer with access thereto.

The System Mechanic Mobile Toolkit product delivers the utilities necessary to search for, diagnose, and solve the problems seen with today's computers, and contains four of iolo's award-winning products in one integrated solution: System Mechanic 4, Search and Recover, System Shield Professional, and DriveScrubber Professional.

System Mechanic, the flagship set of utilities included in the Mobile Toolkit, allows IT personnel to keep PCs running faster, cleaner, and error-free an award-winning arsenal of powerful system tools. It finds and fixes stubborn errors, cleans up space-wasting junk and debris, optimizes Internet and download speeds, ensures privacy and security, and maintains computer for peak performance and reliability. Recently released version 4 contains a multitude of new and improved tools such as a high-speed disk defragmentation tool; SpyHunter(TM), a utility that protects PCs from dangerous and annoying spyware and malware parasites; an automatic memory defragmentation and recovery tool; registry backup and compression; and countless other improvements.

Search and Recover is an collection of powerful tools designed to quickly and easily find and recover deleted, destroyed, and damaged items from PCs. Such items include files, folders, songs, pictures, videos, programs, critical system components, web pages, and even e-mail messages in Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, Netscape, and Eudora. Search and Recover works with any hard or floppy drive, any drive format or size, and even allows recovery of lost or deleted pictures, songs, and other files from digital cameras, MP3 players, USB flash drives, and other devices with various types of removable media.

System Shield Professional protects computers from unauthorized attempts at recovering data that was intended to remain private or confidential. Organizations can protect themselves against identity theft and ensure information privacy by wiping away data that remains over time, even after files have been deleted or removed. System Shield Professional uses methods approved by the US Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22) to ensure that all files that have been deleted are permanently disposed of, beyond any possible techniques of recovery. It works by proactively finding files that have been deleted (the majority of which will still remain on a system) and eliminating the data that was once held within them, as well as permanently erasing any evidence of their original existence.

DriveScrubber Professional allows the safe and secure wiping away of data left on computer drives prior to donating, reselling, recycling, upgrading, and also provides a failsafe mechanism of disinfection following virus attacks. DriveScrubber Professional uses methods approved by the US Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22) to ensure that all data on a target drive is permanently expunged, beyond any possible techniques of recovery. It works by using methods independent of standard operating systems that allow it to begin wiping data at the absolute beginning of a drive and continue until the absolute end. This means that computer drives are scrubbed clean of any and all data that may be residing in places that standard formatting and/or operating system based utilities cannot reach. Wiping a drive with DriveScrubber eliminates all data that was once held within the drive, producing a usable clean-slate environment similar to when a drive is first purchased.

iolo Director of Business Development Francis Johnson explained, "Since our start in 1998, iolo technologies has been experiencing tremendous success with our software, and we're very excited about the release of System Mechanic Mobile Toolkit for continuing to greatly improve the security and performance of Windows-based computers." Johnson added, "With this new version 4 of the Mobile Toolkit, we're now able to provide a much greater set of tools in a one-stop, portable package with no local installation required. Organizations now receive many more unique features and functions when compared to other similar products currently on the market. They also no longer need to be concerned about critical errors that can occur if inexperienced end users attempt to maintain their own machines. "

System Mechanic Mobile Toolkit works with Windows versions 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000, XP, and is recognized for its outstanding Windows XP compatibility, having been awarded Microsoft's "Designed and Optimized for Windows XP" logo.

One System Mechanic Mobile Toolkit CD is priced at $299.95 (or $149.95 upgrade from version 3), giving companies or independent consultants the unlimited license to portably use the software on any number of computers. Additional CDs are priced at $99.95 (or $49.95 upgrade).

Over the past several years, iolo's software have earned such heavyweight titles as Home Office Computing's "Best Utility of 2000 Award", multiple Editor's Choice awards and high review ratings, and recognitions from PC World, Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline, Computer America, The Computer Radio Show, Let's Talk Computers, ZDNet, CNet, the New York Times, CNN Computer Connection, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Globe and Mail, Computer Shopper, Philadelphia Inquirer, The (UK) Guardian, The (UK) Times/Sunday Times, and Winnipeg Free Press.

Fully functional evaluation copies of System Mechanic, System Shield, DriveScrubber, and Search and Recover can be downloaded from the iolo web site (


iolo technologies, LLC: Established in 1998, the privately held iolo technologies, LLC ( develops, manufactures, and supports software products designed to enhance the performance and security of PCs running Microsoft Windows operating systems. Their software includes the award-winning System Mechanic, Search and Recover, System Shield, DriveScrubber, and Macro Magic software product lines. iolo technologies is located at 145 N. Sierra Madre Blvd., Suite 1, Pasadena, CA 91107, USA.