SmartAnalyzer for HSM Helps Determine Reliability of Backup Procedures

HAUPPAUGE, NY – Axios Products, Inc., has announced the launch of SmartAnalyzer for HSM, the latest version of its backup reliability analysis software. SmartAnalyzer helps protect critical business data by identifying problems and inefficiencies in the way that data is managed by the HSM disk management system. A DMS version of the product has been available since June 2003.

Specifically, SmartAnalyzer detects missing and unusable data backups, while providing comprehensive auditing capabilities that make it easier to maintain data availability and recoverability. It allows you to use one tool to identify several inconsistencies associated with data backups.

“SmartAnalyzer for HSM helps users determine the reliability of their current backup procedure before a problem occurs and it is too late to rectify,” says Gary DiPillo, Chief Technical Officer of Axios. “SmartAnalyzer for HSM, as well as its DMS counterpart, allows users to detect missing and unusable backups as well as non-standard and excessive backups, and thereby improve the reliability of their backup procedures, vital for data recovery, Disaster Recovery, and business continuity planning. We developed the HSM version because we wanted to offer users of HSM a product that could provide the same benefits that SmartAnalyzer for DMS offers.”

SmartAnalyzer for HSM provides the ability to identify:

  • missing backups

  • unusable backups and/or migrated data sets

  • backups taken by non-standard tools

  • conflicting backup/migration policies and statuses

  • excessive backups and migrations

  • conflicting expiration date specifications

Using SmartAnalyzer shortens your backup window and minimizes interruption to critical business applications, therefore reducing costs associated with backup procedures.

SmartAnalyzer for HSM runs under all supported versions of OS/390 and z/OS.

For more information on SmartAnalyzer, contact Axios Products, Inc., 1373-10 Veterans Highway, Hauppauge, New York 11788-3047, voice (800) 877-0990, e-mail, or visit us on the web at