Survey Reveals Majority of Software Management Run By SneakerNet

Executive Software survey shows over 52% of software inventories are being done manually

Burbank, CA, February 2, 2004 --With the rash of recent viruses and worms, security and system administration is not getting any easier. A recent study by Executive Software shows over 52% of software inventories are being done manually. Additionally, 63% track their licenses manually and 48% deploy software manually. Keeping up with vital security updates is going to be more painful than ever.

Most system administrators agree these tasks are cumbersome and time consuming, and 71% agree something needs to be done; 23% are tolerant of manual solutions while the majority see a need to eradicate the pain of software management with automated solutions. Executive Software's new Sitekeeper 3.0 remedies that pain for small to mid size companies.

According to Sitekeeper Product Manager, George Goodrich, "When we first learned that the majority of small to mid-sized organizations were still struggling with manual inventory and software deployment we were surprised to discover that all the systems management solutions out there were too expensive and unnecessarily complicated for the real world needs of most organizations and departments. Sitekeeper is so simple to install and use that an organization can go from manual to automated in just 30 minutes."

Without Sitekeeper or a vast budget required for an enterprise class solution, manual coping just continues for the vast majority of sites and system administrators end up with headaches and delays on getting critical software deployed, putting their companies and their jobs at risk.

Sitekeeper 3.0 trialware, along with a simple tour of the product, is available at:

With an easy to use interface, Sitekeeper 3.0 enables most users to install and start managing their networked systems in just minutes. Powerful new "Set It and Forget It" task management enables system administrators to schedule, launch and manage hundreds of tasks from deploying the latest security patches and removing unlicensed software to running regular inventory scans

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