Tripwire Makes Enterprise Networks More Reliable

Tripwire for Network Devices 3.0 meets mounting corporate governance demands and increases network uptime by assuring networks are in a known and trusted state

PORTLAND, Ore. — Feb. 5, 2004 — Tripwire, Inc., a world leader in change monitoring and reporting software, announced the availability of Tripwire for Network Devices (TND) 3.0. TND 3.0, a network configuration management software product, centrally manages, monitors and reports changes made to routers, switches, firewalls and other network assets running in multi-vendor network environments. New baseline and conformance checking features combined with robust version control and correlated change reporting to assure enterprises that the network infrastructure always runs in a known and trusted state.

Other network configuration management products continue the legacy of vendor-specific element managers by focusing on the automation of the day-to-day tasks of network engineers. While this is important, this perspective has not addressed the additional need to systematically establish and rigorously enforce authorized device configurations. Validation against known and trusted baseline configurations helps network staff to rapidly discover and recover from human errors, ensure audit compliance and ultimately keep pace with the business demands on the network.

According to Zeus Kerravala, vice president of Enterprise Infrastructure at the Yankee Group, "With enterprise networks growing so rapidly, there is a continual need to establish and maintain baseline configurations and the ability to audit these configurations for every device in the network at all times. A collection of ad hoc tools can't do this and leads to higher cost of downtime, longer repair times, and lower service reliability."

Tripwire for Network Devices 3.0 was developed in response to the growing demand for better tools to enable increased network uptime and more effective response to mounting corporate governance demands. Tripwire has applied its proven expertise in assuring that all systems operate in a known and trusted state to a solution specifically designed to provide greater manageability, configuration control and better change monitoring and reporting of enterprise networks.

“The evolution of Tripwire for Network Devices was strongly influenced by input from many of our major customers,” said Wyatt Starnes, president and CEO of Tripwire. “To provide complete network configuration management, enterprises must monitor and report change based on known and trusted configurations with the ability to verify conformance across the entire network. This also implies a product with enterprise-class scalability and manageability, as well as tight integration with existing network management systems. TND 3.0 delivers on all accounts.”

Key features of Tripwire for Network Devices 3.0 are:

  • Scalable, centralized management of device configurations: Supports up to 100,000 devices that can be organized in logical groups allowing engineers to centrally manage network device configurations through a Web console.

  • Comprehensive change monitoring: Inspects configurations for change when triggered by real-time events, such as when a device has been accessed; on a periodic basis to deter circumvention of change control practices; as well as by on-demand command critical during configuration troubleshooting and testing.

  • Baseline and conformance checking: Identifies all devices whose configurations differ from their designated baselines or do not conform with established corporate or regulatory policies.

  • Correlated change reporting: Provides a common repository for all device change information that answers when, what, how, who and even why changes were made.

  • Version control: Automatically archives configurations as new changes are detected, and then provides comparisons of any two versions, including those from different devices. TND 3.0 also allows versions to be annotated with explanations, labels, or descriptions and enables an existing configuration from any device or a reference configuration stored as a file to be modified and directly deployed to a device.

  • Audit Logging: Provides a change control record for network change activity by recording detected changes, added and deleted devices, modified user accounts, etc. making audits and forensic evidence collection easier by providing verifiable, correlated change event information.

About Tripwire, Inc. Tripwire, Inc. is the world leader in change monitoring and reporting. Tripwire solutions enable enterprises to reduce operational risk and gain control over IT systems. With Tripwire software, you ensure the security of your systems, instill accountability for change, gain visibility across your enterprise and increase the availability of critical IT infrastructure. Tripwire customers include Global 3000 companies, e-business corporations, and key public sector organizations such as Intuit, AT&T, Ernst & Young and the U.S. House of Representatives. Tripwire is headquartered in Portland, Ore., with offices in Japan and France and users in 92 countries around the world. For more information, visit