The Knowledge Group, Ltd. Introduces B-Hub -- Enterprise File Exchange Software

Eliminate email attachment limitations with this many-to-many robust file exchange tool

Fair Lawn, NJ – The Knowledge Group, Ltd., a software distributor of industry-grade data transfer tools to medium and large corporations, today announced the addition of B-Hub, by Softlink, Ltd. of Petach Tikvah, Israel to its list of offered software tools.

B-Hub is a software tool that allows files to be transferred between thousands and users, in a secure and speedy fashion.

It is aimed at large organizations that have hundreds or thousands of employees exchanging files between them, typically in the form of email attachments. This method often clogs up the email servers and results in size (and other) limitations imposed by the mail administration.

B-Hub is an enterprise-scale turnkey solution designed to provide a complete end-to-end file transfer solution; it can also be an excellent tool for exchanging files between organizations.

B-Hub operations are centrally configured by the B-Hub administrator, leaving end-users free to exchange files without having to worry about protocol compatibility and authentication issues.

Using one of the available B-Hub clients, end-users upload files to a Hub located within the organization. The type of processing that the files undergo after they arrive at the Hub depends on global B-Hub policies and the profiles of the end-users involved in the transaction, as configured by the B-Hub administrator. For instance, the B-Hub administrator can configure the Hub to authenticate digital signatures and check files for viruses before delivering them to the recipients. The B-Hub administrator is also able to determine whether files will be delivered automatically to the recipients' machines or whether they must be downloaded by the recipients. The Hub can be configured to deliver files using Softlink’s FASTCopy protocol as well as FTP, S/MIME, SSH/SFTP and HTTPS protocols. This lets B-Hub administrators optimize the delivery of files to recipients' machines by selecting the protocol that is most compatible with a user's computing environment. For instance, in a single transfer, the B-Hub administrator can configure the Hub to deliver the files to some recipients using Softlink’s FASTCopy protocol and to others using FTP, S/MIME, SSH/SFTP, HTTPS or even user-written protocols.

Availability and Pricing

B-Hub is available for immediate purchase. Pricing is based on the number of users and number of servers participating. Please call our sales department at 201-794-1777 or write to for more information.

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