Datagram Releases SyslogServer 2.0

Stockholm, 10 March 2004 - Datagram announced the release of Datagram SyslogServer 2.0 -- a major new version of the Syslog logging product.

Datagram SyslogServer 2.0 is a syslog server for the enterprise environment. It delivers advanced innovative capabilities in a robust and secure solution:

  • Scales well for large volumes

  • Fast and agile filtering capabilities for log analysis

  • Full Windows OS logging support

  • Configurable alarms for customized alert handling

The SyslogServer Suite consists of a central high capacity server, which collects logs from the network and a client application, SyslogView. SyslogView can be used either from the server or from anywhere on the network to access the database and manage the logs.


Datagram SyslogServer 2.0 is available as freeware for limited number of logging IP addresses. A Small Business Edition is also available at $49. The full product's price is based on the number of logging IP addresses. The full pricing details can be found on the web,

About Datagram

Datagram Consulting is an information security company with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. The company specializes in different security aspects, including log analysis, incident detection, and creation of security tools for the enterprise market. Visit for more information.