Red Earth Software Releases Policy Patrol 3.0

New Version Stops More SPAM And Offloads Monitoring Burden

Portsmouth, NH - March 15, 2004 – Red Earth Software, developer of email content security software, today announced the release of Policy Patrol version 3.0, a suite of email filtering products designed to ensure optimum usage and management of a company’s email system. New features in Policy Patrol 3 include improved spam protection through the use of Bayesian filtering, remote image detection and word pattern matching. Furthermore, Policy Patrol’s user-based permissions and automatic folder tasks now allow administrators to offload tasks such as monitoring quarantined messages and updating white lists and black lists.

"Policy Patrol 3.0 boosts employee productivity by blocking more spam and allowing administrators to offload tasks to other users within their organization," says Magnus Andersson, technical director of Red Earth Software. "Designated users can now be assigned permissions to edit specific rules and filters and monitor quarantine folders from the Policy Patrol web manager. Policy Patrol 3.0 can also automatically send a notification message and delete or move messages after a specified number of days, allowing administrators to delegate monitoring tasks if the workload gets too much."

Improved Spam Control

Policy Patrol 3.0 includes a highly accurate and efficient Bayesian filter engine. This engine statistically calculates the probability that a message is non-legitimate by comparing the message with a database of legitimate and non-legitimate mails. With automatic email learning the Bayesian filter databases can be built without any effort. In addition, version 3.0 offers regular expression based keyword filtering, matching many different word variations with one single filter entry and successfully stopping spammers from circumventing word filters by misspelling words. Policy Patrol can now also block remote content in emails, preventing spammers from gathering information about which accounts are still "live." Finally, Policy Patrol 3.0 includes full integration with the Exchange 2003 anti-spam features, allowing Outlook 2003 users to sort spam mails in their junk mail folder.

Policy Patrol Versions

Policy Patrol is available in four different versions; Policy Patrol Zip (compression and decompression), Policy Patrol Disclaimers (disclaimers & signatures), Policy Patrol Spam Filter (anti-spam) and Policy Patrol Enterprise (all features of the other versions plus content checking, attachment blocking, optionally anti-virus and many more email management features). A 30-day evaluation version is available from Pricing starts at 10 users; $95 for Policy Patrol Zip, $145 for Policy Patrol Disclaimers, $325 for Policy Patrol Spam Filter and $395 for Policy Patrol Enterprise.

About Red Earth Software

Red Earth Software is a Microsoft Certified Partner that specializes in the development of content security solutions that help companies ensure optimum usage of their email and Internet systems. Included among Red Earth Software clients are large international organizations such as Nissan, Targus, Canadian Pacific Railway,, Lotto, Fujitsu Services (Central Government customer) and Daewoo.