nVision Software Introduces Industry's First Distributed .NET Exception Management Solution

nVision Fault Manager for .NET Improves Uptime and Availability for .NET Applications and Web Services and Reduces IT Support Costs

Las Vegas, Nevada, March 16, 2004 -- nVision Software Technologies, LLC. today announced the industry's first distributed exception management solution for Microsoft .NET based applications and web services. nVision Fault Manager for .NET provides IT managers who manage business-critical .NET applications and web services with affordable, real-time detection and notification of .NET errors giving them visibility and control of their .NET application environments.

".NET-based web services technologies can provide substantial benefits in terms of their re-use and more rapid time to development," said Cameron Haight, Research Director at Gartner, Inc. However, they can potentially introduce additional complexity into an already challenging management environment. Organizations seeking to deploy these applications should look for vendors that can augment their current management infrastructure with tools that can provide granular visibility into the key components of the .NET architecture."

Using the industry's most robust .NET instrumentation, nVision Fault Manager for .NET gives IT managers the tools they need to be able to quickly identify and resolve errors and exceptions when they occur.

nVision Fault Manager for .NET capabilities:

  • Real time .NET exception detection: Fault Manager for .NET detects application and web service exceptions in real time.

  • Real time notification: Fault Manager for .NET routes exception alerts based on a set of user definable rules, to the appropriate IT or development personnel via email.

  • Detailed Forensics: Fault Manager collects the error information needed to solve the problem from the Microsoft .NET Common Language Runtime and delivers it to the right person in real time.

  • Reporting and Charting: Fault Manager for .NET provides a reporting and charting engine for periodic, scheduled and real time reporting and charting.

  • Scalable Architecture: Fault Manager for .NET is built on the nVision Visibility Framework, an extensible framework that can manage from one to hundreds of .NET servers.

"nVision Fault Manager for .NET streamlines the troubleshooting process when we experience a problem with one of our .NET applications," said Antonio Marin, Director of Information Technology at Intec Engineering, a Houston Texas based worldwide provider of engineering services for the energy industry. "Fault Manager lets our staff know when there's a problem before our users call and gives us detailed information about the problem from the .NET framework that we can't get from anywhere else," said Marin.

Customer Benefits

nVision Fault Manager for .NET detects operational errors and notifies IT support personnel before they can impact organization's bottom line. Benefits include:

  • Real time detection dramatically improves the Mean Time to Detection of .NET faults -- Many times IT managers don't even know they have a problem before it becomes a major outage. Fault Manager for .NET notifies them immediately when a problem occurs.

  • Real time notification improves the Mean Time to Notification -- Fault Manager for .NET's real time email and SNMP notification notifies the right IT or development resource immediately when an error occurs, eliminated delays that can occur from initial help desk problem diagnosis.

  • Detailed forensics improve the Mean Time to Isolation -- Using Fault Manager for .NET's detailed error forensics, IT support professionals now have the detailed information they need, in the context of the error to rapidly resolve .NET errors.

  • Improved customer experience -- By providing the toolset to rapidly resolve .NET faults, nVision Fault Manager for .NET delivers an improved customer experience from fewer disruptions.

  • Non-invasive approach enables rapid implementation -- nVision Fault Manager for .NET uses the industry's most robust, non-invasive .NET instrumentation which means that .NET applications don't have to be recoded or modified. Fault Manager for .NET's ease-of-use means that Fault Manager can be implemented in hours, not days or weeks.

  • Lower Costs -- By streamlining the problem resolution process, nVision Fault Manager for .NET delivers higher levels of service while minimizing the workload on the IT staff.

  • Lower upfront investment -- nVision Fault Manager for .NET is priced to fit in any IT budget.

Pricing and Availability

Introductory prices for nVision Fault Manager for .NET start at $495 for single server implementations and scale based on the number of managed servers. For more information, visit http://www.nvisionsoftware.com or call (888) 600-6660.

About nVision Software

nVision Software was founded in 2001 by some of the networking industry's leading technologists with the mission to develop best-of-breed technologies to instrument and manage Web service networks and application servers. Since its inception, the company has developed a feature-rich suite of technologies that provide IT managers with visibility and control of Web services faults, monitor and manage Web services availability and manage and forecast Web services performance. For more information, please visit http://www.nvisionsoftware.com