Breece Hill Launches First SAIT Compliance Storage Solution

Preconfigured Sony autoloaders ideal for compliance regulations

Louisville, CO. autoloaders, libraries and integrated information storage appliances based in Louisville, CO, today announced that it has launched the world¹s first SAIT Compliance Autoloader. Integrating XenData¹s Archive Series Software and Sony¹s SAIT standard and WORM (Write Once Read Many) tape media with its own innovative 10- and 16-pak tape libraries. Breece Hill¹s SAIT Autoloader delivers the first true compliance solution in a compact 4U footprint that stores up to 13 TB of non-rewriteable data for the small and medium business market.

The SAIT Autoloader is ideal for companies required to meet the data authenticity compliance requirements for the Securities and Exchange Commission¹s (SEC¹s) Rule 17a-4, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act,² said Breece Hill President Phil Pascarelli. ³By working with Sony and XenData, we have been able to continue our history of technology excellence and innovation by delivering a true compliance solution that meets the way companies must now archive data.

Initially, Breece Hill¹s offer includes two Autoloaders: the SAIT 10-pak, which stores up to 5 TB of native data with a transfer rate of 30 MB/second, and the AIT 16-pak, which stores 1.6 TB of native data with a transfer rate of 12 MB/second.

First SAIT Autoloader Integrates XenData for Data Authentication and Legal Compliance

The XenData Archive Series Software simultaneously writes data to external RAID and unalterable AIT WORM or SAIT-WORM cartridges within the Autoloader, providing a non-erasable and unalterable record that meets the data authentication and legal compliance needs of most industries including organizations governed by the SEC. The software also includes a utility that allows retrieval of all file versions and deleted files, providing a comprehensive audit trail of the file system.

"The archive storage solutions now offered by Breece Hill based on their AIT and SAIT autoloaders provide exceptional value for small to mid-sized companies,² said Dr. Phil Storey, XenData¹s Chief Executive Officer. ³More importantly, it assures companies seeking to meet the compliance requirements that their data is authentic and not tampered with.²

The Breece Hill SAIT Autoloader integrates the unique benefits of XenData's Archive Series Software and Sony¹s advanced SAIT technology: > %%Archiving to unalterable Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM); once recorded, SAIT-WORM media cannot be re-written or re-formatted, but data can be appended

  • Data lifecycle management driven by policies allows the administrator to define retention period, use of WORM or rewriteable tape and the allocated tape set

  • The industry¹s highest capacity tape drive, providing 5 TB of uncompressed data in a 10 cartridge unit.

  • Standard barcode reader and Import/Export Mail slot

  • Remote-Sensing Memory-In-Cassette (R-MIC) for high-speed file search and access

Breece Hill Plans to Support Future Technologies

Breece Hill will support Sony's AIT-4 technology as it becomes available, and plans to extend the SAIT technology to its Information Storage and Retrieval (iStoRA) product line later this year. iStoRA was the first product to combine disk, removable media and software in an integrated solution to deliver enterprise-class data backup, recovery and archiving solutions for companies of all sizes. > About Breece Hill

Breece Hill ( is a leader in cost-effective and innovative solutions for information storage and retrieval, including tape appliances, autoloaders and libraries for the Small- to Medium-Business (SMB) and workgroup sectors. The Breece Hill tape automation line, continuously marketed and supported since 1993, spans from entry-level autoloaders to mid-range libraries, with more than 25,000 units shipped worldwide. Breece Hill¹s Information Storage and Retrieval Architecture (iStoRA), introduced in 2003, is a disk-to-disk-to-removable storage platform. For more information, contact Breece Hill at or (303) 664-8295. > About XenData

XenData ( is a provider of software for managing fixed content data. The company is headquartered in Cambridge, UK, and was founded in 2001 by executives from the optical disk industry. XenData software takes advantage of the on-going advances in hard disk and tape technology and provides highly competitive solutions which are tightly integrated with the Windows Server operating system. In addition to Cambridge, it has offices in Walnut Creek, California and in Munich, Germany.