Open Text’s Livelink Discovery Server Advances Enterprise Search

Version 9.0 offers state-of-the-art search technologies for large-scale information retrieval challenges

Chicago, March 29, 2004 -- Open Text™ Corporation (Nasdaq: OTEX, TSX: OTC), provider of Livelink®, the leading collaboration and content management software for the global enterprise, today introduced a new version of Livelink Discovery Server, a powerful search engine product designed for companies that publish large quantities of customized information, such as lengthy retail or parts catalogs, news and information archives, technical standards documentation or patent data.

Livelink Discovery Server Version 9.0 lets customers create customized applications to manage large-scale information retrieval challenges, helping to dramatically speed searches and improve productivity. The product offers a wide range of state-of-the-art search technology, including natural language queries, search federation, text analysis, concept mining, result clustering and categorization. Livelink Discovery Server provides the flexibility to add new search features, so customers can meet expanding requirements and offer users new tools beyond the standard ranked list of documents in response to a search query. It can also be extended to include searches of Web-based content sources – intranets, extranets and public Web sites.

“Finding information easily in a large organization is always a challenge, but for some organizations, the volume and complexity of the information they maintain makes it especially difficult,” said David Schubmehl, Vice President of Discovery Products at Open Text. “We’ve designed Version 9.0 of Livelink Discovery Server to meet the toughest information retrieval challenges customers could face. We’ve also built in flexibility, so the product is easy to deploy and tailor to address specialized needs.“

Livelink Discovery Server integrates with other applications, such as office automation, document image processing and e-mail, and operates with equal functionality across a wide range of platforms. Development tools for Livelink Discovery Server allow customers to create custom desktop and server applications for client/server environments, making it easy to integrate with established business processes. The product can also be scaled to support simultaneous searches from an unlimited number of databases.

Key features of Livelink Discovery Server include:

  • Support for a wide range of formats, including fielded, full-text and uniquely-structured information found in bibliographic and copyright materials, information services, books, business directories, operations manuals and technical documents. The product also works with more than sixty word processing formats, so that documents can be moved back and forth between Livelink Discovery Server and their original formats.

  • Tools to aid in searching and filtering information, including natural language queries, document relevance ranking, and document summarization. Natural language queries can be submitted as full sentences, phrases or boolean statements.

  • Dynamic clustering of results, concept mining and extraction, and automatic categorization of information based on pre-defined or user-created taxonomies. These features offer users unprecedented capabilities to organize and analyze the unstructured information in their organization.

  • An attractive Java-based interface, so users can easily find and analyze information. Also included are Web and file crawling capabilities to streamline index setup and creation, and Quick-Start menus to simplify administration.

  • Real-time updating of information, so that users can search and analyze information while data is being added.

  • Sophisticated features for tracking user activities, generating valuable information for analysis and billing. Broad accounting capabilities enable the tracking and monitoring of both individual users and groups of users. The product also provides document locking and security features to protect critical information.

Livelink Discovery Server works with Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP as well as Solaris systems. For more information on Livelink Discovery Server, go to:

About Open Text and Livelink

Open Text™ is the market leader in providing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions that bring together people, processes and information in global organizations. Since launching the world's first Internet search engine and the first Web-based enterprise collaboration and knowledge management software, Open Text has continued its leadership in providing global enterprises with innovative and effective solutions. Throughout its history, Open Text has matched its tradition of innovation with a track record of financial strength and growth. Today, the company supports fifteen million seats across 10,000 deployments in 31 countries and 12 languages worldwide. Open Text’s flagship product, Livelink® seamlessly combines collaboration with content management, helping organizations transform information into knowledge to provide the foundation for innovation, compliance and accelerated growth. For more information on Open Text and Livelink, go to: and

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