Serena Brings Process Management to the Mainframe

TeamTrack for ChangeMan enables customers to improve enterprise collaboration and productivity

San Mateo, CA - (March 29, 2004) - SERENA Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: SRNA), an industry-leading supplier of software that automates change to enterprise applications, today delivered an automated process management solution for managing mainframe development. The solution, TeamTrack for ChangeMan, combines the process-rich capabilities inherent in Serena® TeamTrack® with Serena® ChangeMan® ZMF, the company's leading mainframe software change management solution. TeamTrack for ChangeMan enforces consistent processes and promotes user accountability across the application life cycle, resulting in communication and productivity improvements enterprise-wide. Uniquely, Serena is the only vendor to offer a single process automation solution for mainframe environments.

"Up until now, we've had to use several different products to manage our development process because a single solution for the mainframe simply wasn't available," said Ben Carr, Senior Production Control Analyst, Watkins Motor Lines. "We've seen the robust process management capabilities in the TeamTrack for ChangeMan solution and are excited about bringing it into our environment. By having a single solution in place, we expect to reach new levels of efficiency and lower overall costs."

TeamTrack for ChangeMan provides a single management user interface for tracking software change management activity, providing anytime, anywhere access to business-critical information. Because the solution is Web-based, customers are able to easily view and approve application changes from a Web browser, regardless of platform. This streamlines the development process and improves business agility. Additionally, TeamTrack for ChangeMan is easy to customize and can readily extend to other IT solutions, enabling customers to unify change management with other business processes across the enterprise.

TeamTrack for ChangeMan represents a significant milestone in the company's delivery of Serena's Application Framework for Enterprises (SAFE(tm)). Announced in September 2003, SAFE promises to revolutionize enterprise operations by enabling companies to integrate departmental processes with other processes throughout IT - closely linking the people, tools and assets involved throughout the application life cycle. SAFE extends the application life cycle and promotes seamless collaboration across various business and technical roles and responsibilities, helping an organization run more smoothly.

"TeamTrack for ChangeMan brings leading-edge business process automation technology to mainframe development, allowing companies to optimize change management processes while leveraging their existing technology. This helps customers maximize resources and control costs," said Chuck Henderson, Director of Product Marketing, SERENA Software, Inc. "An important deliverable of SAFE, TeamTrack for ChangeMan follows the framework's model by unifying business and IT processes to improve enterprise efficiency. In the months ahead, we will continue to deliver high value solutions that enable customers to work smarter and faster."


TeamTrack for ChangeMan will be available in April 2004 to TeamTrack customers as a non-chargeable option. The option is supported through the latest versions of Serena TeamTrack and Serena ChangeMan ZMF.

About Serena

SERENA Software, Inc. is the Enterprise Change Management (ECM) industry leader. For over twenty years Serena has focused exclusively on providing solutions that help companies automate change to the applications that run their businesses. Today its products are in use at over 3,600 customer sites - including 46 of the Fortune 50. Serena's Application Framework for Enterprises (SAFE(tm)) is the next step in ECM, providing cross-platform, cross-process and cross-organizational support across application life cycle processes. This approach helps streamline development, improve productivity and lower development costs, resulting in a highly efficient enterprise. With headquarters in San Mateo, California, Serena serves customers worldwide through local offices and an international network of distributors.