Rackmount.com’s New Blade Server Offering Gives Competition A Run For The Money

ATXBlade HPC Cluster Server Chassis utilizes non-proprietary technology and boasts initial and replacement/upgrade costs at an average over 90% less than major providers

MARCH 31, 2004—Westbury, NY—IT departments are challenged with getting the most “bang for the buck” in a technology solution and providers such as Rackmount.com step up to the plate with new products that meet market demands with high performance at a competitive cost. Rackmount.com, a division of PCW Microsystems, Inc., a leading provider of Rackmount servers, Rackmount chassis and Rackmount accessories, today announced its newest product offering, the ATXBlade Cluster Server Rackmount Chassis.

A key benefit for Rackmount.com customers is that the ATXBlade servers utilize non-proprietary technology. Its ATXBlade uses standard ATX motherboards and is adaptable to the latest cutting-edge Intel technology. In a comparison with two server industry heavyweights, the ATXBlade Cluster Server with self-installation has an initial cost that is, on average, 92 percent lower and a single blade replacement or upgrade cost that is, on average, over 90 percent lower*.

Another key benefit is the unique cooling and ventilation design. The ATXBlade Cluster Server Rackmount housing is built with six 120 mm rear exhaust fans. It has removable top and bottom grids. These can be removed to create a heat chimney when stacking the housing on top of each other. The heat chimney will allow the top housing to mount a high power blower kit that will operate as a heat vacuum and provide an additional secondary source of ventilation.

Typical uses for this product include high-powered multi-processor clustering, rendering server farms, security analysis, as a dedicated server and for web hosting.

The ATXBlade is available as a complete solution with all the components installed or as a chassis alone for self-installation.

“The simple design and high value is part of the strong appeal of this product,” said Patrick Siu, Product Specialist, Rackmount.com. “Being able to use standardized technology means that customers can adapt to new technology as soon as it’s available and they can find replacement parts at market prices.”

For information on the ATXBlade chassis: http://www.rackmount.com/Rackmt/Rb100.htm

For information on the ATXBlade cluster server: http://www.atxblade.com

About Rackmount.com

Rackmount.com is a division of PCW Microsystems, Inc., a full-service computer systems manufacturer. Rackmount.com provides customers with rackmountable technology products, including servers, chassis and accessories. Visit Rackmount.com at http://www.rackmount.com.

* Price comparison based on actual quote from Hewlett Packard and IBM based on initial one blade setup for dual processors and a quote for a replacement and/or upgrade-1 blade.