Trusted Network Technologies Announces Security Industry’s First Identity-based Firewall

Network Identity Enforcement technology in Identity version 1.6 creates the first identity-based firewall for protecting internal corporate networks

ATLANTA, GA – April 5, 2004 – Trusted Network Technologies, Inc. (, the developer of Identity™, Network Identity Enforcement software that protects critical data on enterprise networks, announced the immediate release of Version 1.6 of its Identity product, positioning it as the industry’s first identity-based firewall for internal networks. New features include active directory grouping, policy management and in-depth reporting for auditing and regulatory compliance.

“Identity was designed specifically to bridge the internal security gap,” said Steve Gant, President and CEO of Trusted Network Technologies, “Security conscious companies – with no other choice – are deploying perimeter firewalls and IDS on internal networks. This approach is proving both costly and ineffective because these tools are essentially identity-blind. By transparently attaching a user identity at the packet-level, as Identity does, in a way that can’t be spoofed, hijacked, or stolen, customers can secure critical information by controlling access to those systems at the network layer, before a connection can occur.”

Identity secures networks, systems and applications on enterprise networks – wired or wireless –with virtually no impact on network performance. Identity also cloaks those assets from unauthorized users. It is a combination of host driver software, an in-line policy enforcement appliance and an intuitive, straightforward central management application.

New features in Identity 1.6 include:

  • Interactive Reporting – A new interactive reporting engine adds powerful audit capabilities to Identity, particularly since a known user’s network identity stays with each session regardless of the session’s path through the network. Detailed and graphical reports are now available.

  • User Groups – Administrators can now create user groups and manage policy by individual user or by groups of users. Groups can also be imported from directory services, such as Active Directory.

  • I-Manager Roles – There are now three user roles for the Identity GUI. This provides varying levels of GUI access, based on administrative role.

  • Batched Access Policy Implementation – Administrators can now create and save access policy without immediately implementing it. Policies can be created over time and implemented on a Trusted Network when it's convenient, or after hours, to reduce potential impact on users.

The company’s product, Identity, was launched in its high availability form in November 2003, and has been deployed by several large enterprise customers specifically to secure internal networks, servers and applications.

"Spending more on perimeter tools to secure an internal environment is not the answer,” said David Shay, VP of Engineering and Chief Technology Officer of TNT. “We see customers struggling to translate ‘role and responsibility-based’ security policies for use on their networks. They are frustrated by firewall rules and IDS false positives and are intrigued by the promise of identity management. But those identities don’t extend to the network layer where the enforcement of access control policies is most effective. That’s where Identity enters and completes the picture.”

“We realized there is a hole in current identity management solutions regarding their limited restrictions to access on the internal network,” said Wayne Proctor, Certegy’s Corporate Information Security Officer. “We thought it would be nice to have something where users that should not be using critical applications could not even reach the boxes that those applications run on. Until we heard about TNT, we never knew that such a tool existed. With the latest improvements in reporting and grouping functionality in the 1.6 release, Identity administration will be even easier. It’s a powerful application, and it will be a great option for when we’re ready to go wireless.”

Identity version 1.6 is now available to customers. Pricing for 10/100 I-Gateway/I-Manager is $40,000 for unlimited users and for Gigabit I-Gateway/I-Manager it is $75,000 for unlimited users.

About Trusted Network Technologies, Inc.

Trusted Network Technologies builds the industry’s first and only identity-based firewall for segmenting and protecting internal corporate networks. Our software, Identity, continuously and transparently identifies users on the network – at the packet level – so that only authorized users (wired or wireless) can connect to protected assets, while unauthorized users cannot. Because Identity is built from the ground up for internal networks, it helps customers protect their networks and attain regulatory compliance at a fraction of the cost and complexity of traditional security approaches. Privately-held and backed by top-tier investors including Charles River Ventures and Flagship Ventures, TNT is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information, visit or call (678) 990-5430.