FYI Corporation Delivers Interactive Data Visualization Solutions for the Real-Time Enterprise

ATLANTA, GEORGIA (April 6, 2004) - Following the sale of its Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) assets to eiStream on February 12, 2004, Identitech has recast itself as FYI® Corporation in order to focus exclusively on interactive data visualization for the real-time enterprise. The company has also announced the general availability of FYI Visual™ release 1.5, the third release of the company’s flagship product that allows organizations to transform high volumes of complex data into actionable information.

FYI Corporation targets the growing Business Activity Monitoring marketplace with a proven product suite, an experienced management team, early customer successes, a strong balance sheet and a growing list of Global 2000 prospects for FYI Visual. Having garnered first place in the Forrester Emerging Technology Showcase (December 2003), FYI Visual continues to capture the attention of analysts and business leaders alike for its unique, patented approach to data visualization.

“Information-rich tools like FYI Visual enable executives to see their business in action,” said Dr. Richard Hackathorn, president and founder of Bolder Technology, Inc., a respected analyst firm specializing in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing. “By quickly identifying anomalies, FYI Visual provides an intuitive grasp of key performance metrics, far better than popular dashboards that over-simplify the real complexity of your business.”

"Advances in all forms of technology have made much more data available - through information sensors available both inside and outside of the enterprise," states Bill Gassman, principal analyst for Business Activity Monitoring at Gartner. "Before enterprises can turn the flood of data into actionable information, new filtering, navigation, visualization and correlation technologies must be employed. We must move beyond displaying static information in reports, charts and graphs and provide users with dynamic tools that will help them make sense of trends, exceptions and important relationships that are hidden within the data." “We are implementing a pilot project with FYI Visual to support our Health and Usage Management System (HUMS) initiative by providing an intuitive visual status of aircraft health indicators at a battalion and ultimately fleet level,” states Steve W. Peckham, Program Manager for Government Systems at Goodrich. “Goodrich offers a broad range of advanced systems, products and services that provide nose-to-tail solutions for the aerospace and defense industry. The density of the FYI Visual display lends itself well to track thousands of indicators that may influence the health and maintenance of any aircraft. FYI Visual allows us to see trends within fleets that may prompt us to take aircraft-specific or fleet-wide action to keep aircraft flying safely.”

About FYI Corporation

FYI Corporation ( is a privately-held company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with development offices in Melbourne, FL. Founded as Identitech, Inc. in 1987 and renamed as FYI Corporation in March, 2004, FYI Corporation concentrates on transforming large volumes of data into actionable information through a revolutionary use of patented, interactive data visualization technology.