IT Briefs: Dell/Oracle Alliance, Datasweep Release, Microsoft Forms RFID Council

Dell to include Oracle database software in PowerEdge servers; Datasweep releases J2EE version of Datasweep Advantage Suite Version 6.0; RFID council formed

Dell, Oracle Expand Alliance

Dell will include Oracle's new database software, Standard Edition One, for its PowerEdge 2600 and PowerEdge 2650 servers, either pre-installed or on a CD. The agreement expands on the initial agreement these two companies made a year ago when they agreed to install Oracle's 9i database cluster software on Dell's PowerEdge 2650 servers. In addition to offering Oracle's solution in the more common, Windows environment, Dell will also offer the solution on top of Red Hat's Linux platform.

Dell will now be able to resell Oracle's professional services, along with the database software, and offer its own consulting services to customers who buy servers. The deal could also help Dell, which considers servers to be one of its vital product lines for future growth, to penetrate the business market. Oracle benefits by offering their software in a relatively simple way and also by packaging it with services for markets such as small and medium-size businesses, which is a target market for this application/database provider.

ARC Advisory Group Vice President John Moore comments: "The action today is clearly in the SMB market, where virtually all enterprise hardware and software suppliers are targeting their solutions. It is evident that Oracle is trying to stem Microsoft's big gains in the SMB database market with its SQL solution. IBM is also making a run at this market with its own trimmed-down 'Express' version to go after the SMB customer. With plenty of choices, customers should come out the winner as these players jockey for position and market share. Now the question is: When will Oracle strike a similarly comprehensive deal with Dell to sell its enterprise application software?"

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Datasweep Releases J2EE Platform for Manufacturing

Datasweep has released a J2EE version of their Datasweep Advantage Suite. Version 6.0, a platform that supports mission-critical requirements in enterprise manufacturing operations, has been re-architected on a J2EE platform with a service-based approach and functionality exposed through Web Services. According to the company, the new version helps reduce risk of unplanned and disruptive downtime and costs attributed to multiple security-related software patches and breaches. The service-based approach allows manufacturers the ability to integrate multiple application components into a single business process.

"Datasweep is delivering an innovative and new approach to manufacturing systems through the new J2EE-based version of its flagship Datasweep Advantage suite," said Greg Gorbach, Research Director at ARC Advisory Group. "With globalization and outsourcing on the increase, a large-scale and service-based approach helps manufacturers respond quickly to market demand, while retaining key knowledge and visibility across a global product lifespan. This will change the way businesses support product traceability and responsibility, better align operations IT with enterprise IT, and establish a new value proposition within manufacturing for best-in-class production operations management."

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Microsoft Forms RFID Council

Microsoft Corp. has formed a Council focused on RFID technology. Initial members of the Microsoft Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Council include Accenture, GlobeRanger Corp., HighJump Software, Intermec Technologies Corp., Manhattan Associates Inc., and Provia Software Inc. Microsoft plans to hold the first meeting of the Council in April. The Council will look at RFID requirements and identify how to take advantage of today's technology to make it easier for retailers and manufacturers to track and ship merchandise.

Steve Banker, Director, Supply Chain Management, for ARC Advisory Group explains, "This is a solid membership list for the Council. Manhattan and HighJump are among the leading SCE solution providers offering RFID Compliance software, GlobeRanger is a leading provider of the RFID middleware solution that is OEM'd in many SCE companies' compliance solutions, and Accenture is one of the leaders in Business Process Reengineering surrounding the RFID mandate."

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