LXI Delivers Open Client API for iSeries Backup and Recovery

Changing the way the iSeries fits into the enterprise backup strategy with open connectivity

IRVING, TX – May 4, 2004 – LXI® Corp., a leader in innovative storage management solutions, announces the availability of the iSeries Open Client API™. This radical new interface provides distributed system backup vendors accessibility to iSeries data in a format that will facilitate iSeries inclusion into existing network backup product architectures.

The new API enables any backup product to request, setup, initiate and control iSeries backups from a centralized console. By creating the bridge between the iSeries and Windows, UNIX, Linux and mainframe backup products, LXI has made it possible to have all backups across the enterprise managed and controlled through one single source.

“Today, the focus of IT is control. Having separate products on separate platforms requiring different skill sets to perform essentially the same functions is preventing corporations from implementing standardized policies,” says Tim Kormos, LXI Product Manager. “With the introduction of the Open Client API, customers can now realize the power of centralized control, consolidated reporting and totally integrated backups regardless of platform or backup product.”

LXI has incorporated the Open Client API into its flagship storage management products, TMS/ix™ and MMS®. Both take advantage of its unique technology to backup iSeries data.

TMS/ix and the iSeries Open Client: TMS/ix is a UNIX, AIX or Linux based media management system. It features full backup, recovery and device management, tape overwrite protection, centralized media management, tape interchange for non-backup tape processing and comprehensive off-site vaulting. By implementing TMS/ix and the Open Client API, organizations achieve single point of control for their enterprise, including the iSeries.

MMS and the iSeries Open Client: MMS provides complete backup management, tape management, device management and off-site vaulting for the iSeries. With the introduction of the iSeries Open Client, administrators can now control the backup of remote iSeries systems and logical partitions through a single iSeries system. Using the iSeries as the centralized backup server, customers can simplify, standardize and fully automate all aspects of their backup strategy.

With LXI’s iSeries Client Open API, any backup vendor can: %%Receive detail lists of libraries, objects, directories and files from the iSeries

  • Backup data from all user libraries, integrated files systems (IFS) and document library objects (DLO)

  • Receive detailed meta-data for central content management

  • Execute full library and directory or individual object and file restores from the central console

  • Centrally control all backups, regardless of platform

  • Simplify operations by requiring only one skill set for backups

  • Consolidate backup tracking and monitoring for more valuable recovery reports

  • Standardize policy administration for all platforms

The introduction of the Client Open API is in response to the hundreds of requests by customers from around the world. Vendors who choose to utilize the LXI Open Client API will realize immediate benefits of centralization, standardization and simplification of enterprise backup management while finally satisfying this long standing customer appeal.

About LXI Corp.

LXI is focused on helping businesses manage their enterprise storage needs in heterogeneous environments, simplifying cross platform storage policy administration, integrating disparate platforms and network backup products, and consolidating media information for centralized control and management. To learn more about LXI, visit us at http://www.lxicorp.com or call 214.260.9002.